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Kinesis gives you access to the low pricing of the global bullion markets. Buy, sell and store precious metals at costs normally closed off to the public.

It’s free to open an account and registration takes under a minute.

Earn a yield on your gold. Every month.

Kinesis is the only gold investment service in the world that shares its revenue to pay you a monthly return on your fully allocated gold and silver.

Earn a yield from the very first gram you hold with us. You hold full legal title of your metals, at all times – and can sell or take delivery of your gold or silver, any time you wish.

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Fully allocated Take delivery anytime Insured storage Audited holdings World-class vaulting

0% Storage fees

Kinesis covers all storage costs by allocating a share of fee revenue and leveraging the global vaulting network of strategic partner, ABX.

Founded in 2011, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is a leading institutional precious metals exchange with world-renowned vaulting partners in Brinks, Loomis & OZL Liechtenstein.

Choose gold and silver as money

Kinesis lets you spend your gold and silver in real-time – with instant fiat conversion of your assets at the moment of purchase.

Protect your wealth in precious metals, on the platform that restores your right to use gold and silver as money.

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Storage fees
0% 0.12-0.216% p.a. 
$120 min. p.a.  0.12% p.a. $48 p.a. min charge 0.65% + VAT p.a. $120 p.a. min charge 1% p.a.
Transaction fees*
0.22% 0.5%-1% 0.5% Fees included in price 1%
Earn a yield
Spend via card
Personal account executive

Data recorded: 31/01/2024. *Rates displayed are for $10,000 gold purchase

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