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Kinesis Money platform What is Kinesis Money? Kinesis Money is a global trading and digital asset

Kinesis Money platform

What is Kinesis Money?

Kinesis Money is a global trading and digital asset utility platform, which facilitates the trade, management and everyday spending of native physical gold and silver-based digital assets and cryptocurrency. 

How does Kinesis Money work?

Through combining physical gold and silver with blockchain technology, the Kinesis Money platform enables fully allocated physical gold and silver to be instantly purchased, traded, sent and spent, globally.

Through redistributing a share of global transaction fee revenue back to users, Kinesis Money offers a yield on all physical precious metals held with the platform. The Kinesis Money platform facilitates instant, low-cost peer-to-peer transactions in digitalised physical gold and silver, while a globally accessible debit card facility - Kinesis VISA card - makes all listed digital assets immediately accessible for global payments.

Kinesis’ parent company Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), a global institutional allocated precious metals exchange, facilitates the vaulting of all underlying physical gold and silver. All bullion within the Kinesis system is available for physical redemption, with independent audits conducted biannually.


What currencies are supported on the Kinesis Money platform?

You can currently purchase gold, silver and cryptocurrency with US Dollar, Euro and British Pound. 

Which currencies can I deposit with?

Our multi-currency deposit feature enables Kinesis users to deposit a broad range of global currencies into their Kinesis Money account for instant conversion into the US dollar. A favourable exchange rate is applied to the conversion, across all currencies.

Our multi-currency deposit supports the following currencies:

US dollar (USD), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), Australian dollar (AUD), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Great British Pound (GBP), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Chinese Yuan (CNH).

Users can access Multi-Currency deposits through the Kinesis Money desktop interface.  


What is a yield?

A yield describes the earnings generated on an investment over a certain period of time.

In the case of Kinesis yields, users are rewarded for everyday participation in the system with yields paid monthly in physical gold and silver. 

Visit our yields page for a breakdown of all 5 Kinesis yields - here.

How many yields are there in the Kinesis system? What are they?

There are 5 yields in the Kinesis system: Minter’s yield, Referrer’s yield, Holder’s yield, Depositor’s yield and KVT yield.

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Trust and security

How do I know my gold and silver is in the vaults?

All gold and silver bullion held by Kinesis undergoes independent, third-party audits, twice a year. With over 10 years’ experience in the precious metals industry, we understand the necessary assurance only complete transparency provides.

We employ the world-class independent audit and inspection specialist, Inspectorate International, a Bureau Veritas company, to conduct regular, independent, physical audits of all bullion underpinning Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies. The quantity of gold and silver held in our vaults is checked against the record of all KAU and KAG in circulation, stored on our blockchain.

Regular independent audits verify that every KAU and KAG within the Kinesis monetary system is based on an exact 1:1 allocated quantity of gold and silver bullion. Additionally, independent auditors perform a series of assessments to ensure the weight and fineness of the bullion is as stated, and the quality of the storage is satisfactory.

The results of all of our audits are publicly available - here.

Why should I trust Kinesis?

Kinesis was founded by Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), a leading institutional exchange with 10 years’ experience trading fully allocated precious metals globally. ABX is a public company with an outstanding reputation in the precious metals space.

Founded in 2011, ABX brings its extensive vaulting network and precious metals trading experience to the operation of Kinesis and the secure, transparent custody of all gold and silver bullion holdings. 

Kinesis guarantees the highest-grade security of your precious metals, through world-renowned vaulting partners; Loomis Zurich, OZL Liechtenstein and Brinks. 

For a detailed breakdown of Kinesis gold and silver holdings, see our Trust and Security page - here.

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