Kinesis Exchange.

A powerful platform giving you the ability to trade physical gold and silver, fiat and cryptocurrency trading pairs.



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The world’s leading exchange for physical gold and silver.

The Kinesis Exchange was built to allow users to trade using a range of markets, including cryptocurrency, fiat and Kinesis gold and silver currencies.

  • Transparent central limit order book
  • Deep liquidity
  • Low fees
  • Tight spreads

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    The best place to trade digital currency

    Easy trading

    Simple user interface to enable the trade of cryptocurrency, fiat and physical gold and silver.

    Proven reliability

    10+ Years’ experience in commodities and exchange industries allowed us to create a bespoke infrastructure designed for scalability.

    First grade security

    User details are encrypted using AES 256-bit cipher encryption, with all traffic run over secure HTTPS.

    How to sign up

    1. Register

    Sign up to Kinesis Money and verify your identity

    2. Fund

    Use a range of global bank deposit methods or cryptocurrency

    3. Trade

    Buy, sell and convert Kinesis currencies and leading cryptocurrencies

    A trusted platform for trading digital currencies


    Blockchain technology enables us to bypass expensive fees and slow transfer times. Our bespoke fork of the Stellar Blockchain network means the Kinesis Wallet has been expertly designed to be a safe way to store your digital precious metals.


    By incorporating multi-layer protection and cold storage solutions, utilising the most reliable and effective security technologies available, ensuring your funds are secure.


    Kinesis is committed to complying with all regulations that help prevent, detect and remediate unlawful behaviour by customers. This is enforced by a strict KYC and AML policy.

    Unlock the whole range of features by completing KYC

    The Kinesis system has been expertly crafted to allow participants to have complete control over how they choose to interact with the platform to best suit their needs.

    See the table below to view the various functionalities at the different levels of verification:

    TIER 0 TIER 1 TIER 2
    Status Email not verified Email verified / not KYC’d Full KYC verification
    View all pairs and current
    Deposit Crypto (ETH, KAU,
    KAG, KVT)
    Trade Crypto/Crypto Pairs
    Deposit Fiat
    Trade Fiat/Crypto Pairs
    Execution fees 0.22% 0.22% 0.22%
    24hr Rolling Withdrawal
    Limit (Aggregated across
    all assets)
    0 KAU 250 KAU or equivalent 800 KAU or equivalent

    Our products


    Hold all of your digital currencies in a single location which is easily accessible and secure.


    Create your own Kinesis gold and silver digital currencies by converting your fiat and cryptocurrency.

    Debit Card

    Set to provide the ability to spend digital currencies at point of sale anywhere in the world.


    A token which pays the holder monthly based on a portion of the transaction fees generated by the system.

    Product Specifications, KAU and KAG

    Contract/Token Code KAU KAG
    Contract/Token Size 1 KAU (1 gram of Gold) 1 KAG (1 oz of Silver)
    Fineness Minimum 9999 Minimum 999
    Vault Location Aggregated across vaults Aggregated across vaults
    Title Allocated Allocated
    Operational Stored Non-Segregated Non-Segregated
    Title Transfer Clearing Decentralised Blockchain Decentralised Blockchain
    Price Quotation Currency USD USD
    Price Quotation Unit 1 gram 1 oz
    Tick Size $0.01 $0.01
    Settlement T+0 T+0