Posted 18th August 2020

Update to minters yield.

Silver Bullion with market chart in the back

We have made changes to the way in which individuals become eligible for receiving the minters yield.

Previously, there was a restriction where, in order to activate the minters yield, minters would have to sell their KAU or KAG on the Kinesis exchange as a limit order above the market bid price.

This has now been changed as we are now allowing the minters yield on market orders, changes have been reflected on the blueprint.

What this means is you can now execute market orders on the exchange to activate your minters yield providing greater accessibility and seamless user experience when participating in the Public Minter Offer (PMO) and mint cycling process.

This change is effective immediately, this change applies retrospectively to all orders executed in the past, during the PMO and IMO periods. Any order, limit or market, will have the 3x minters yield applied.