Posted 27th October 2023

Q3-Q4 2023 – Quarterly Update

quarterly update kinesis ceo thomas coughlin

Our latest update from Kinesis CEO and founder, Thomas Coughlin, reviews the milestones achieved in Q3 and provides an insight into what lies in store for the final quarter of the year.

Q3 snapshot

Kinesis Aurum® bills

In Q3, Kinesis established a global, collaborative partnership with Valaurum, the manufacturer of the patented Aurum® gold bill, to produce a series of Kinesis gold bills that provide gold investors and collectors a new way to spend and store physical gold.

By incorporating small, practical denominations of physical gold into Kinesis Aurum® gold bills, the partnership reaffirms Kinesis’ position at the forefront of precious metals spending.

Through encasing physical gold within banknotes, Kinesis Aurum® reintroduces physical gold as a circulating currency, which can also be spent, vaulted, minted, and redeemed through the Kinesis platform, serving as a yield-stimulating driver.

Kinesis Aurum® is positioned to drive further utility and real-world adoption of Kinesis’ flagship gold asset, whilst also bringing increased interest and exposure to the Kinesis Bullion store. The bills will be independently marketed and sold through the store alongside Kinesis’ range of gold and silver bullion products.

Northstar & Badcharts partnership

Kinesis partnered with leading technical analysis experts, Northstar & Badcharts (NSBC), to offer Kinesis users an exclusive 50% discount on their subscription service.

The partnership saw Kinesis and Northstar & Badcharts (NSBC) come together to make trading more accessible to the Kinesis community through their industry-leading trading education platform and technical analysis service.

Northstar & Badcharts’ technical analysts, Patrick Karim and Kevin Wadsworth, have a time-proven track record of increasing their members’ gold and silver holdings by applying their decades of industry experience to the markets.

Furthermore, the exposure and reputation attached to the NSBC platform highlight the wealth-preserving benefits of the Kinesis ecosystem to an engaged audience of traders and gold investors.

Kinesis successfully passed the Q3 audit

On the 19th of July 2023, Kinesis passed the Q3 2023 independent precious metals audit, conducted by the leading global audit and inspection specialist, Inspectorate International.

Once again, the independent, quarterly audit provided community members with verification that all Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) within the Kinesis Monetary System are backed by a 1:1 allocation of physical gold and silver bullion. 

The successful completion of Kinesis’ Q3 2023 audit demonstrates our unwavering commitment to security and transparency, providing the community with complete assurance that their gold and silver holdings are in safe hands.

All Kinesis audits are publicly available on the website here

All KAU and KAG circulation figures are publicly available and verifiable on the Kinesis blockchain explorer here. The Kinesis blockchain maintains an immutable and irrefutable ledger of all KAU (gold) and KAG (silver) within the system. 

The official launch of POSPay Gold

In September, the Vice President of Indonesia, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, officially launched the Kinesis-powered physical gold trading application, POSPay Gold, nationwide. 

Created in partnership with the Indonesian state-run postal service, PT Pos, the POSPay Gold application provides Indonesia’s predominantly Muslim population with instant access to Sharia-compliant physical gold trading and ownership.

During his speech at the Sharia Economic Seminar, the Vice President emphasised the significance of an inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem, appreciating the synergic effort of various organisations – such as Kinesis – in supporting financial inclusion and encouraging the nation’s digital transformation.

The launch of the POSPay Gold application, integrated within PT Pos’ existing PosPay Super App, makes physical gold trading accessible to citizens across the nation.

Kinesis has already begun to see an increase in Indonesian users on the platform.

Supporting C4SM’s initiative in the move towards sound money

On behalf of Citizens for Sound Money, chaired by Jim Forsythe, we encourage members of the Kinesis community to join our long-time partner on a mission towards our shared goal of establishing fair, honest money everywhere. 

Last month, Kinesis backed the fundraising efforts of C4SM’s legislative agenda, which aims to bring formal recognition of gold and silver as legal tender across the US; establish state depositories for precious metals and support the rollout of Asset-Backed Digital Currencies (ABDCs).

C4SM has already seen recent success with legislative efforts that support the critical shift toward sound money, resulting in solid commitments from influential figures in the Florida legislative landscape. 

We want to thank the community for your generous contributions, all of which bring us closer towards our common vision of advocating for sound money globally.

Support Centre Restructure

In recent months, the Kinesis team has undertaken a comprehensive restructuring of our Support Centre, consisting of a complete redesign of the user experience (UX) and a content update. This initiative involved the revision of approximately 47,000 words of support articles and the introduction of an intuitive new navigation structure.

Users seeking to familiarise themselves better with the Kinesis Monetary System can now explore a greater selection of categories and articles covering the vast range of products and services Kinesis offers.

The new User Guides section comprises a series of beneficial step-by-step walkthroughs and informative learning videos hosted by some familiar faces for many of you, the Kinesis account executives. Furthermore, from the Support Centre homepage, users now have more direct access to our community forum, where they can engage with fellow members to collectively explore the platform or discuss the latest milestones achieved by Kinesis.

Beyond its pleasing aesthetics, the new layout represents a significant stride in enhancing user experience and delivering information in a more straightforward and accessible manner to our community.

Q4 so far

SEPA deposits for European users 

The introduction of SEPA transfers to the Kinesis platform brings greater ease and value to EEA-based Kinesis account holders*, who will be able to deposit their Euro (EUR) funds as conveniently as a regular domestic bank transfer.

Additionally, the new deposit option allows each Kinesis user to create their own, unique virtual IBAN account kept solely in the holder’s name and separately from Kinesis, further safeguarding their deposited funds against counterparty risk. 

The new deposit method makes it even simpler for EEA-based users to switch from fiat to gold and silver as their primary currency. 

Please note that the new deposit option is available for web and Android applications, with the iOS update scheduled for release soon.

*not available for UK users.

Kinesis Pay merchant QR codes

Following the launch of Kinesis Pay, which allows online merchants to accept payments in gold (KAU) and silver (KAG), our team has been diligently working on advancing the next phase of this project: introducing Kinesis Pay to shops and businesses near you.

The release of new printable, reusable Kinesis Pay QR codes makes it simpler for business and shop owners to accept Kinesis gold and silver payments at their physical locations. The Kinesis Pay QR codes can be downloaded from the merchant dashboard and displayed on any shop counter. Enabling Kinesis users to scan the QR code and pay with their Kinesis gold and silver. The new feature is expanding the real-world utility of precious metals and the visibility of gold and silver as another payment option aside from fiat.

The Kinesis Pay update is now available for web and Android applications, with the iOS update scheduled for release soon. 

We encourage the Kinesis community to spread the word to local businesses that, they too, can start accepting payments in physical gold and silver, via Kinesis Pay.

Q4 to come

European Kinesis Card launch

The new, physical Kinesis Visa Debit Card will be available across 30 EEA countries, enabling Kinesis users to use physical gold and silver as their everyday currency, with instant fiat conversion and greater value than ever before.

Cardholders who choose this program will have the opportunity to safeguard their wealth and access seamless, low-cost precious metals spending, with instant conversion to fiat. The card provides a practical, sound money alternative to traditional inflation-prone currencies.

Kinesis Pro

The development of Kinesis Pro, Kinesis’ professional cryptocurrency trading platform, is nearing its completion ahead of the official launch. 

With a focus on high liquidity trading pairs, cutting-edge trading tools, and top-tier security measures, the exchange is poised to deliver a premium cryptocurrency trading experience to all Kinesis users seeking to diversify their digital asset portfolio.

Furthermore, the new Kinesis Pro website will provide regular cryptocurrency news updates, blogs and market insights tailored to traders.

USDC on the Stellar blockchain

In the latest Kinesis Vaultside chat, our team expanded on plans to add USDC on the Stellar network to the Kinesis Monetary System (KMS). We have identified a solution that will integrate with the Kinesis Exchange and allow the deposit and withdrawal of USDC on the stellar blockchain.

This integration will enable users to be able to deposit and withdraw USDC on Stellar into the Kinesis ecosystem with instant conversion into KAU or KAG and a wide variety of tokens traded on the KMS at a very low cost.


Expanding the range of services available on the Kinesis platform, the introduction of Multi-accounts will enable Kinesis Individual account holders to effortlessly manage multiple Business accounts within a single primary profile. This enhancement grants users the convenience of switching seamlessly between their various business profiles with a single login.

In Summary

As we continue to bring functionalities and partnerships online, Kinesis users are presented with more ways to introduce the tangible value of precious metals into their daily lives. Such as using real gold in the convenient form of Aurum® bills or spending precious metals via the Kinesis Card – with instant fiat conversion. With the upcoming Kinesis Card (EEA) and new EEA deposit options, we are bringing greater accessibility to precious metals spending. Additionally, the new Kinesis Pay QR codes make it simple for merchants to accept and promote gold and silver as a payment method at their physical locations.

In our commitment to fiat alternatives, we haven’t forgotten our digital asset-focused users – with a professional platform for cryptocurrency trading, Kinesis Pro, on the way. Furthermore, our partnership with technical analysis service and education platform NorthStar & BadCharts, enables seasoned traders to make more informed choices, but also reduces barriers to entry for new users looking to venture into trading.

In a world where the de-dollarisation momentum grows undeniable and the global economy faces unprecedented challenges, it is now time for individuals and countries to explore systems that go beyond the limitations of paper currencies.

With strong foundations laid, Kinesis is positioned to introduce gold and silver as money to the global community. The platform serves as the gateway to financial freedom, providing an asset-backed monetary alternative to protect your wealth.

In our dedication to providing people across the world with an alternative to the traditional system, Kinesis aspires to offer more than just a financial services platform; together, we are igniting a movement. As we pave the way for a stable financial future, we wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our community for their unwavering support.

Best regards,

Thomas Coughlin