Posted 23rd October 2020

Kinesis mobile ID verification now live

Kinesis KYC verification process

We are very excited to announce the release of a new Kinesis mobile ID verification system, delivering greater ease and efficiency for our users. 

Kinesis users now have the ability to complete the verification process from the convenience of their mobile device. The introduction of new ID verification technology enables Kinesis users to fully verify their Kinesis money account in under 5 minutes. 

At a glance, here are the new features of the Kinesis KYC verification process:

  • Scan photo ID and selfie via mobile device to complete verification in under 5 minutes
  • OCR Technology automatically reads name and address from ID document
  • Updated verification sources with improved match rates

The mobile verification process

As part of the new process, OCR Technology will read the users name and address from their ID document. Recording all required information, while saving the user the inconvenience of manually entering their details. 

The identity of users will generally be automatically verified in a matter of seconds. The greatly enhanced verification time is due to access to updated verification sources, with improved match rates.

In the event that users do not have access to a mobile device, they are able to manually upload their document as image files.

Following on from the recent addition of Biometric login to the Kinesis mobile app, the new verification process further demonstrates Kinesis’ commitment to advancing the accessibility of our platform with innovative technology.

We look forward to bringing you further technical enhancements over the course of the rest of the year.