Posted 1st October 2020

Biometric login now available on the Kinesis mobile app

Kinesis mobile app

Kinesis is pleased to announce the addition of biometric and pin authentication to the Kinesis mobile app, delivering users enhanced security and greater convenience.

For those users with compatible devices, biometric login enables instant, secure access to the Kinesis mobile app through fingerprint or face recognition technology. The new security option can simply be toggled on and off as a security option in the settings section.

The biometric security option in addition to 2FA provides a secure alternative, enabling users to log in smoothly and instantly.

Alternatively, all Kinesis mobile app users will now have the ability to sign in to their account using a 6-digit pin, ensuring greater ease of access is available for all Kinesis users.

As an additional feature, the login screen of users with biometric or pin authentication activated will display the current Kinesis Exchange market prices for KAU, KAG, Bitcoin and Ethereum, including 24-hour price change.

We hope you enjoy the new, streamlined security functionality of the Kinesis Mobile app.

Download the app here.