Posted 18th August 2020

Minting just got quicker

Minting just got quicker Kinesis

The Kinesis Money auto mint withdrawal feature is now live. This new development enables instant withdrawals of your exchange funds directly to your mint account.

This feature is now accessible via the Accounts section of the Kinesis Money platform, from within your USD account. Under the withdrawal tab, you now have the option to transfer funds to your Kinesis mint account, instead of a bank account.

Linking your Kinesis Mint account

In order to turn this feature on simply:
1. Open up settings within your Kinesis Money account.

2. Enter your Mint HIN starting with PB, under the “Link Mint Account” field, and click submit.

You will only ever need to do this once.

A member of our support team will then verify and approve the account link. Please wait until you receive an email confirmation before using the new withdrawal feature, this could take up to 24 hours.

Please note: Your mint HIN is a 6 digit number starting with PB, you can find your Mint HIN in your Kinesis Mint account > Settings > Account Details.