Posted 5th May 2022

Kinesis Exchange API Now Available

kinesis api public available

We are pleased to announce that Kinesis has made available an API that allows clients to programmatically interact with the Kinesis Exchange and Kinesis Money platform.

Everyone, from smaller-scale developers and platform providers to larger businesses, can now utilise the very same technology that powers the Exchange, to leverage their own trading experience.

Features of the Kinesis API

Our API allows for automation of common exchange workflows, such as: 

  • Getting current symbol pricing, market depth and historical data
  • Getting account balances and asset holdings
  • Placing and managing buy and sell orders on the Exchange

How Does it Work?

To access the API, you require a set of API keys that can be generated from the settings page, where documentation is included and ready for implementation. We have provided API examples in many popular coding languages. 

As we increase the availability of Kinesis API technology, we maintain the highest industry-leading security and best practices. When transactions are processed via the Exchange they are uniquely signed using easy to implement cryptographic methods using the private key of the account holder to make the request. 

Supporting Innovation

Kinesis is continually expanding on its tech offering so that developers at every level can interact with the Kinesis Exchange in new and unforeseen ways, to create their own innovative solutions.

We are proud to embrace further development of Kinesis’ technology, as well as its interaction with more ecosystems, enabling clients to complete access to the proven value and efficiency of our Exchange technology, and payment infrastructure.