Posted 4th August 2023

Kinesis form partnership with leading technical analysis service Northstar & Badcharts

Kinesis has partnered with leading technical analysis experts, Northstar & Badcharts, to offer Kinesis users an exclusive 50% discount on their subscription service.

The partnership sees Kinesis and Northstar & Badcharts (NSBC) come together to make trading more accessible to the Kinesis community through their industry-leading trading education platform and technical analysis service.

Additionally, the partnership also sees Kinesis users able to learn more about ratio trading – a trading strategy that can help traders make more informed decisions when trading precious metals markets. 

Why Northstar & Badcharts? 

The team of analysts at Northstar & Badcharts, Patrick Karim and Kevin Wadsworth, have a time-proven track record of increasing their members’ gold and silver holdings by applying their decades of industry experience to the markets.

They regularly share their expert advice, knowledge and guidance across their educational materials, enabling Kinesis users to take advantage of this technical expertise within the precious metals markets, using features such as:

  • Exclusive trading notifications delivered straight to your inbox
  • World-class educational materials and guides in the Learning Centre
  • Heat maps to identify high-performing assets
  • Discussion sections and forums with like-minded traders
  • An innovative performance dashboard
  • A trade tracker monitoring every trade the NSBC analysts make

Kinesis x NSBC Partnership Explained

This partnership offers the Kinesis community an exclusive 50% discount on NSBC’s Premium and Premium Plus subscription offerings, which both offer a multitude of educational and trading opportunities for our users.

The partnership serves to reinforce Kinesis’ position as the frontrunner in the precious metals investment space. Furthermore, the exposure and reputation attached to the NSBC platform highlighting the wealth-preserving benefits of the Kinesis ecosystem to an eager audience of traders and gold investors.

Alongside these inherent benefits of the Kinesis ecosystem, the Kinesis Exchange provides the perfect complement to the technical analysis, education and learning initiatives available via the service. 

NSBC encourages gold and silver enthusiasts wishing to apply their own ratio trading strategy to experience the Kinesis Exchange’s various benefits, including low premiums, instant trade execution and high-liquidity pairs.

Those wishing to execute their own ratio trading strategy, or trade gold, silver or crypto, can also earn the Velocity Yield when trading gold and silver on the Kinesis exchange. Additionally, the partnership has the potential to stimulate increased trade volume, resulting in increased yields for all Kinesis users.

The partnership brings world-class education and learning materials for our users and also increase Kinesis’ reputation in the precious metals space as the leading investment platform for gold and silver bullion. 

Going forward, Kinesis will continue to forge partnerships with platforms and brands aligned with our core messages of the enduring wealth protection of gold and silver and the adoption of sound money worldwide.

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