Posted 13th January 2020

Kinesis mobile app - phase 1 beta complete

company news blog post with beta app screens

We are pleased to announce the first round of bug fixes has successfully been implemented for the beta version of the Kinesis mobile app in which 100 users participated.

Phase 2 of beta testing is now underway in which we will look to discover a fresh round of bugs following an additional update that will bring the app to flawless user experience.

These new developments in progress will include:

  • New market order functionality in line with the latest desktop release
  • New limit order rules in line with the latest desktop release
  • Integration of new trade screen designs to accommodate new order functionality
  • Completion of all outstanding bugs identified in testing

We have now begun the necessary design development on the app for debit card functionality, in preparation for the debit card release across Europe.

This debit card integration will be released initially on a staging environment in advance of the official launch in order for our beta groups to evaluate the technology before launch.

The beta version will be ready for deployment into a live environment for everyone to participate before the official launch.