Posted 9th May 2023

The Kinesis Mint website is live

kinesis mint website is live

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Kinesis Mint website, providing a global access point to the extensive range of products and services offered at our state-of-the-art mint and refinery. 

The new site gives clients worldwide access to our bespoke custom minting and design services tailored to their exact requirements – with our team on hand to deliver bespoke bullion pieces, from concept through to creation.

What the Kinesis Mint has to offer

With an impressive output capacity of 200,000 pieces per week, the Kinesis Mint offers an extensive range of finished and semi-finished products, including bullion blanks, rounds, and bars – as well as custom-made bullion and design services. 

Our team can assist in the creation of rounds and bars tailored to any weight, dimensions and design requirements, guiding a product from ideation to delivery. Once produced, our in-house assay laboratory guarantees the highest possible purity of all precious metal output. 

Kinesis Bullion

Opened in 2021, the Kinesis Mint has already built a strong reputation for artistry and quality through the manufacture of its signature bullion range for the Kinesis Bullion store.

After the launch of Kinesis Bullion, Kinesis’ official bullion products attracted significant interest from wholesalers, stackers and collectors across the globe. The mint website introduces clients everywhere to the master craftsmanship responsible for the Kinesis 1oz Ma’at rounds and minted Themis bars.

Released in late April this year, the all-new 2023 edition of the silver Kinesis Ma’at 1oz Coin is now available to purchase at the Kinesis Bullion store. 

The Kinesis Mint & Kinesis

The launch of the website promises to build on the Kinesis Mint’s wholesale and government client base, bringing further custom and attention to the Istanbul-based facility.

In turn, the full-scale mint and refinery increase Kinesis’ visibility in the physical precious metals space, with the new site also serving as a soft introduction to our innovative offering for members of the traditional precious metals industry.

The end-to-end bullion manufacturing operation at our independent mint represents a strategic diversification and integration of Kinesis across the precious metals supply chain. As the reputation of the Kinesis Mint continues to grow in the physical precious metals industry, it cements Kinesis’ position as a leader in the space. 

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