Posted 14th July 2020

Kinesis launches the Public Minting Offer (PMO) for all users

Initial minting offer

Kinesis is extending the enhanced benefits of the Public Minting Offer (PMO) to the entire Kinesis community.

Kinesis is excited to announce the Public Minting Offer (PMO), a lucrative, advantageous, and accessible minting program open to all Kinesis users. The Public Minting Offer (PMO), which has superseded the IMO, is effective until the end of the year. 

Whereas the Initial Minting Offer was only available to KVT holders, Kinesis is expanding the enhanced benefits of the Public Minting Offer to the entire Kinesis community, including:

  • All Kinesis users access 3X Minters Yield on their minted currency. 
  • All Kinesis users receive a KVT* for each $50,000 minted – halved from $100,000 *KVTs not available to non-accredited US investors.
  • 10,000 KVTs available – Full issue value of $1,000 per KVT being a total of  $10,000,000 available.

The Public Minting Offer (PMO) period is effective from 11:59 BST, 13th July 2020 and is set to end at 23:59, December 30th 2020.

3X multiplier effect on minted currency

Over the PMO period, all Kinesis minters will earn a Minters Yield calculated from a figure three times that of the amount minted. 

For example, if any Kinesis user mints $10,000, their Minters Yield would be calculated from a proportionate share of $30,000. 

Receive a KVT for every $50,000 minted

In an enticing adjustment to the original IMO, Kinesis has halved the amount of total minted currency required to receive a KVT, from $100,000 to $50,000, up to a maximum of 10,000 KVTs. 

Limited to just 300,000 in circulation, the KVT is a yield-bearing asset which grants the holder access to a 20% proportionate share of global transaction fees in the Kinesis Monetary System. Entitling KVT holders to a share of an aggregated pool of all KAU and KAG blockchain transaction fees, exchange transaction fees, as well as fees associated with future services, not yet launched. 

All Kinesis users have the opportunity to secure as many KVTs as possible from the 10,000 allocated KVTs.

* US citizens can participate in 3x yields, but cannot receive the KVT unless they are accredited investors. 

Mint cycling

A process known as ‘mint cycling’ makes the $50,000 threshold to receive a KVT, more easily attainable for a wider range of Kinesis users. 

When considering the $50,000 of minted currency required, it’s important to remember that Kinesis minters have the ability to recycle the same currency through the minting process, over and over. 

For example, that accumulative $50,000 of minted currency could be achieved from the same $5,000 of currency, cycled through the minting process 10 times. 

Of course, a minter must consider the fees applied when minting, and subsequently, trading their KAU or KAG. However, with the right timing, it is more than achievable to offset the low fees charged minting, with the price movement of gold and silver.

Over the course of the rest of the year, a Kinesis user could effectively earn a Kinesis Velocity Token at a greatly reduced cost to the KVT’s valuation of US$1000. 

It’s with great pleasure that we are opening up the long-term earning potential of the Public Minting Offer to the entirety of the Kinesis community.

We extend an invitation to all Kinesis users to take advantage of the tripled Minters Yield and unique KVT earning opportunity, which minting offers for the remainder of the year.

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