Posted 1st October 2021

Kinesis Launches Historic Holder’s Yield

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Kinesis Money is proud to announce the Holder’s yield launch, which represents a monumental milestone for the Kinesis Monetary System and the precious metals industry as a whole.

With the highly-anticipated Holder’s yield launch, Kinesis is paying out a debt-free, passive yield on physical precious metals for the first time in the industry. 

The launch of the Holder’s yield will see 46.2 kilograms of gold and 6,047 ounces of silver, distributed to Kinesis users, simply for holding their metals with Kinesis, free of charge. The first payment with a value of 2.84 million dollars, at the time of writing, is scheduled to be paid out into users’ accounts on 6th October 2021.

Following the successful roll-out of the Minter’s yield, the Holder’s yield is the second of five yields within the Kinesis Monetary System. The Holder’s yield represents another pivotal moment in Kinesis history, as we continue to forge the path towards a global, fair and ethical monetary future.

The Holder’s Yield

The Holder’s yield rewards all investors who hold their precious metals on the Kinesis Money platform with a passive monthly yield. This enables system participants to earn a recurring monthly yield, paid in gold and silver, which is accrued for every day they hold gold and silver with Kinesis.  

The first Holder’s yield payment will be retroactive, which means that Kinesis users will be credited with all yields accumulated from the 4th April 2019 until the 30th September 2021. Going forward, all yield payments will be calculated and paid monthly.

With a rapidly expanding system that currently supports over 80,000 global investors, Kinesis will reward every single participant holding gold and silver within the Kinesis system to date. 

How Does Holder’s Yield Work?

A total of 15% of these transaction fees are then distributed back to Kinesis system participants who are eligible to receive the Holder’s yield. The final yield is calculated by the ratio of total gold (or silver) held in a user’s Kinesis Money account (or linked wallet) divided by the total amount held by all other Kinesis users in a month’s period.

How to Become Holder’s Yield Eligible?

All KAU and KAG held in your Kinesis Money account automatically qualify for the Holder’s yield and require no further action.

If you hold KAU and KAG outside of your Kinesis Money account in an external wallet, you will need to link any wallet addresses to your Kinesis Money account, in order to receive the Holder’s yield.

We would like to reiterate that the vast majority of Kinesis users will be required to take no action. However, we urge all participants with all external addresses holding KAU or KAG to check that their wallet address is listed in the address linking widget on the Yields tab of the platform.

We would like to emphasize that all unlisted wallet addresses holding KAU or KAG will not receive the Holder’s yield. This is why it is imperative that all users follow the steps to ensure all external addresses holding KAU or KAG are linked and listed.

External Wallet Deadline Extension

A Landmark in Industry 

From the start, Kinesis set out to establish a forward-thinking economic model centred around the enduring value of gold as a stable and historically appreciating asset. 

In a time of financial uncertainty, particularly in high-risk investments, Kinesis recentres the monetary focus on precious metals, which with Kinesis, become a debt and risk-free asset that also generate a yield. 

What’s more, Kinesis only offers investors a positive trajectory for their investment in gold and silver, by providing the infrastructure to maintain zero storage fees on all holdings – for life. Kinesis holders have the choice of storing their precious metals in one of our 8 non-banking vaulting facilities, positioned in favourable jurisdictions for complete assurance of user asset protection. 

With Kinesis, investors adopting native currencies, KAU and KAG, have access to a high yielding environment that is not set and will grow along with its community of users who recognise the intrinsic value of gold and silver-backed currencies.

What’s next for Kinesis?

The Kinesis Monetary system continues to welcome a rapid increase of new users. As we scale towards global adoption, more participants are discovering the universal benefits of holding physical gold and silver with Kinesis. 

Kinesis continues to move forward with its industry-changing roadmap, with the Referrer’s yield next in the pipeline set to launch on the platform this year.