Posted 7th December 2022

The Kinesis Bullion store is open for business

kinesis bullion store launch

Kinesis is proud to announce the official opening of the Kinesis Bullion store, offering clients industry-leading pricing on independently-produced, investment-grade gold and silver bullion products. 

While our goal is to reintroduce gold and silver as money, at Kinesis, we understand the value of holding physical gold and silver in your possession, and the economic freedom a personal collection brings. 

The first bullion series showcases the bespoke artistry of the Kinesis in-house design team in a choice selection of rounds and bars that would make timeless additions to any bullion collection.

For the initial opening, the Kinesis Bullion store will be focused on offering silver bullion coins and bars – and shipping solely within the United States, with gold products and regional expansion to follow. We are currently seeking wholesalers across multiple regions to assist in the local distribution of Kinesis Bullion products, extending their availability to more clients worldwide.

Kinesis Bullion Series

The inaugural Kinesis bullion series features the artistic motifs of the Greek goddess of justice, Themis, on our range of Kinesis silver bullion bars, and the Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, on the Kinesis coins.

The Bullion series has been designed to embody the intrinsic values of the Kinesis system: honesty, fairness, trust, balance, harmony, and justice with bespoke designs crafted entirely in-house by our talented team of artists. 

In line with Kinesis’ commitment to quality, every single gold and silver product achieves a minimum fineness of 9999 (gold) and 999 (silver), with certification provided. All bullion coins and bars are subject to lab testing procedures to ensure the highest quality standards.

The Kinesis Physical Mint

Through the Kinesis Bullion store, clients can purchase the finest investment-grade bullion independently manufactured in our 5,600-square-metre mint and refinery facility, based in Istanbul, Turkey. The refinery and mint can produce bullion at wholesale capacity for the Kinesis Bullion store and other major bullion retailers.

The decision to manufacture our own unique gold and silver products was taken to offer investment-grade coins and bars at extremely competitive pricing to our community. Whereas other suppliers have no choice but to purchase gold and silver from manufacturers, Kinesis’ close control over each stage of the production of our products, allows us to offer our customers unique value.

Buy gold and silver with KAU and KAG

As another option, Kinesis Bullion products can also be purchased directly via bank transfer to the Kinesis Bullion store.


We have taken every step to ensure that buyers are satisfied from the moment of purchase to the point their bullion product reaches their door, with insured delivery on all of our bullion products.

The Kinesis Bullion store offers free shipping on orders above $199. We deliver items purchased at the store within 7 working days of receiving payment across the United States.

Part of your collection

Following the launch of Kinesis Bullion, we will continue to expand into the commercial physical precious metals space, both in our bullion retailing provision and wholesale supply. 

As Kinesis coins and bars enter the personal vaults of bullion collectors and silver stackers everywhere, it will drive brand awareness of Kinesis throughout the industry. The physical bullion products, the same as the platform’s product offering, will become synonymous with quality and fairness. Another powerful string to Kinesis’ bow, the store reaffirms Kinesis’ position as a global leader in the precious metals space.

Kinesis fully supports those seeking physical ownership of precious metals. The Kinesis Bullion store offers bullion of superior value and unmistakable quality for anyone wishing to begin or grow their physical precious metals collection. 

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