Posted 27th March 2023

Kinesis powers gold savings app for Indonesian Hajj Brotherhood Association (IPHI)

In another successful integration within the nation of Indonesia, Kinesis is pleased to announce a new Kinesis-powered white-labelled gold savings application for the Indonesian Hajj Brotherhood Association (IPHI).

Through a white-labelled solution, Kinesis utilises its existing gold savings technology functional for the Gold to Mecca and #GoldforNation initiatives.

Indonesian Hajj Brotherhood Association (IPHI)

Recently celebrating its 40-year anniversary, the Indonesian Hajj Brotherhood Association was established in 1983. The nationwide association boasts prominent figures, including the President and Vice President of Indonesia and former leaders within the Indonesian government.

The association is a forum for Hajj alumni from all over Indonesia to join upon returning from Mecca, with membership automatic for those that have performed the pilgrimage. In Indonesian culture, members of IPHI and Hajj alumni are respected, influential members of the community.

Inclusive gold investment

The shariah-compliant nature of Kinesis gold-based savings programs will further drive gold adoption within the nation of Indonesia.

All Kinesis-powered applications within Indonesia are supported by the Sharia Supervisory Board (formed by the National Sharia Council). Therefore, the application enables Indonesia’s predominantly Islamic population to manage their wealth in debt and interest-free physical gold.

Kinesis in Indonesia

The white-labelling of our application for IPHI is the latest of a series of strategic integrations with the Indonesian government. Kinesis will continue to build and progress integrations within the region, providing citizens across Indonesia with low-cost mobile access to the timeless value of gold bullion.

The swift implementation of Kinesis’ white-labelled solution to satisfy the needs of another nationwide organisation demonstrates the efficiency and promise of the model.

With the proven versatility of Kinesis technology, the scope for future integrations is near-limitless. The infrastructure is ready to deploy with those governments and organisations across the globe, seeking to provide greater economic stability and financial access.