Posted 20th May 2021

Kinesis Gold listed on BHEX Exchange

BHEX BleHelix Exchange crypto China KAU digitalised gold

We are proud to announce that Kinesis Money has successfully listed Kinesis digitalised physical gold (KAU) on the world-renowned BlueHelix cryptocurrency exchange.

Kinesis KAU has officially launched on BHEX today, facilitating the seamless integration of Kinesis digitalised gold into the BlueHelix trading system. The inclusion of Kinesis currency on BHEX enables unrestricted access to KAU globally and allows users to buy, sell and trade KAU pairs outside of the Kinesis Monetary platform.

Kinesis digitalised physical silver (KAG) will follow closely behind and its upcoming listing on BHEX is planned in the near future.

What does it mean for Kinesis users?

We wanted to update the community on this accomplishment, as these listings are a significant milestone for Kinesis and a pivotal step in broadening the adoption of the Kinesis Monetary System on a global scale. Enabling KAU and KAG transactions outside the Kinesis Exchange will further build the reputation of our digital assets within the global crypto community as well as bolster our trade volume considerably.

The BlueHelix Exchange Trading Platform

The BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX) is the leading technology-driven cryptocurrency trading platform, backed by 58 first-class institutional investors, including such giants as Huobi and OKEx – the most widely used crypto exchange platforms within the Chinese crypto community.

Launched in December 2018, BHEX is currently placing itself among the top 15 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by transaction volume. BHEX offers crypto to crypto trading, providing customers with spot, contract, OTC, options and staking products and services in a decentralised and minimally regulated environment.

What’s next for the Kinesis digital assets expansion?

The addition of KAU to the BlueHelix Exchange is a significant step in the global expansion process of Kinesis. The momentous widening circulation range of Kinesis-native digital assets indicates marked progression and has beneficial implications for all participating in the Kinesis Monetary system.

As a monetary system, Kinesis has forged ahead towards a stable monetary future, delivering a universally applicable and intrinsically valuable asset to a wider public. A digital currency tethered to gold (as opposed to fiat, eg. US dollar), which guarantees a timeless and reliable store of value is of immeasurable importance in these unprecedented times of instability. Crucially, digitalised physical gold (KAU) is equipped with the borderless value and efficiency of cryptocurrency, but none of its inherent volatility.

The Blue Helix Exchange is just the first of a number of trading platforms, on which our native currencies will soon be listed. Our team is currently working on incorporating Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) into several carefully selected crypto and precious metals exchanges, offering the best quality reassurance on the financial market.

Keep an eye on your inbox, as we will be updating our system participants on the upcoming exchange listings in the near future.