Posted 8th September 2020

A new trading experience with the Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis Exchange for trading

Kinesis announces a series of technical updates improving loading times, order execution and charting functionality.  

Today, we are pleased to announce the successful implementation of a number of technical updates on the Kinesis Exchange, which will deliver the Kinesis community an enhanced trading experience. 

The live updates ensure the Kinesis Exchange is now operating optimally, these include:

  • Loading times minimised. 
  • Order execution engine optimisation providing real-time order execution. 
  • New WebSocket order execution channel for high-frequency API clients.
  • Responsiveness maximised throughout the platform.
  • Pricing feeds populated in milliseconds.
  • Market making determined from multiple depth levels for all listed pairs.
  • New institutional charting mechanism for optimised responsiveness.
  • Historical chart data on KAU/USD, KAG/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, USDT/USD and ETH/BTC, with remaining pairs to follow. 

The updates bring frictionless user experience and fully optimised professional functionality to the trading platform. With these advancements introduced, Kinesis hopes to establish the Kinesis Exchange as your primary trading hub.

We invite you to test out the comprehensive enhancements of the Kinesis Exchange for yourself. 

Start trading today.