Posted 10th May 2021

Kinesis Money has officially appointed Jason Noorman as company's new Chief Technology Officer

Jason Noorman CTO Chief Technology Officer Pepperstone

As CTO, Jason Noorman brings a rich blend of industry know-how and innovative leadership.

The new Chief Technology Officer comes with a wealth of experience, having previously worked in fintech, telecommunications, insurance and most recently as CTO for The Pepperstone Group, a leading retail forex and CFD broker.

The significant appointment is emblematic of the exponential growth Kinesis is currently undergoing. Mr. Noorman joins Kinesis at a crucial stage in the expansion of the company, whose ambitions stretch beyond the purely monetary. At the beginning of April, Kinesis successfully launched a government-backed project in Indonesia, in one of the largest public-private partnerships in economic history.

The PosGO Syariah Ecosystem is designed to leverage economic benefits to the financially underserved nation of Indonesia, and revolutionises the entire nation’s access to financial services. Crucially, this project shows how the Kinesis technology can be applied on a global scale, with more national-level projects underway.

How will Noorman add to the value of Kinesis?

Noorman has demonstrated success in delivering large business technology and transformation programs. The experienced CTO is a technology leader with a track record of bringing clarity and direction to strategic business decisions, enabling immediate savings and assuring future, profitable business growth.

What’s next for Noorman and Kinesis?

2021 is set to be a year of exponential developmental and commercial growth for Kinesis. With the impressive roadmap going forward and the well-awaited UK & European card launch coming in Q2 this year, Kinesis is ready for the next phase in the company’s commercialization.

Kinesis Money CCO Jai Bifulco said“We are looking forward to working with Jason as our new CTO as we continue to lay the foundations of sustainable success across the globe. Jason Noorman’s valuable experience in digital transformation and technology development will bring additional robust management procedures into the company and take the Kinesis system to the next level.”

Kinesis Money CEO Thomas Coughlin said “We are delighted to have such an acclaimed specialist joining Kinesis. We believe that with his assistance we’ll be able to positively surprise our community with our progress and innovation we can bring to the market.”