Posted 28th March 2022

Introducing Kinesis Business Accounts

business accounts kinesis trust fund option

Kinesis is proud to announce the introduction of the Business Account feature to the Kinesis Monetary platform, expanding the system’s offering to business owners and trustees.

In addition to individual Kinesis Money accounts, users are now able to select from the following account options: Business and Trust Funds. 

This milestone enhancement of the Kinesis product suite allows businesses, corporate owners and trustees to access the unique advantages of the Kinesis Monetary System.   

Business account

The Kinesis Business account is fully integrated into the monetary infrastructure of the platform, offering all functionalities of the Kinesis Money product suite that are currently available for an individual user. 

The Business account enables users to access all the benefits of the Kinesis Mint as well as the innovative Kinesis yield system, allowing business owners to earn a yield in gold and silver, simply by transacting with their business accounts.

Kinesis Business clients can refer their employees to the platform and generate a yield on all their professional transactions, incentivising increased system velocity and trade volume.

Trust Fund accounts

Through Trust fund accounts, users are now able to easily save for the future in physical gold for themselves or others.

The new Kinesis account options make it simple to open a fund and gather wealth in the stable, and historically appreciating value of physical gold. Kinesis stands apart from other gold trusts or gold savings plans, as users earn a monthly yield simply for holding their metal with Kinesis, free of charge.

Registering for a Business and Trust account is quick, simple and entirely free. For new users, simply choose the ‘Business or Fund’ option while verifying your identity, and follow the required steps. If you already have an individual Kinesis Money account, simply add the new business account within seconds from the Kinesis Money dashboard. 

You can find out more in our detailed guide.

The future of Business accounts

Over the course of the year, Kinesis will continue the expansion of the Business accounts offering. With more features to follow, companies will be able to utilise the scalable account structure of the Kinesis Business suite with increased professional efficiency and convenience. As more enhancements are added, business owners will be able to fully capitalise on a number of innovative revenue streams unique to the Kinesis system.

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