Posted 5th May 2020

Bitcoin is now available on the Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis and bitcoin logos

Kinesis is committed to providing a seamless and diverse trading experience – Bitcoin is now available for trading on Kinesis exchange.

It is with great pleasure we can announce that, as of today, Bitcoin becomes the latest currency tradeable on the Kinesis exchange.

As the world’s most prominent and popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a vital and exciting addition to the Kinesis trading experience.

A momentous step forward that positions Kinesis to compete with more established exchanges; while opening up the many unique benefits of the Kinesis monetary system to a substantial, new audience within the crypto world.

The Kinesis exchange makes it simple, convenient and low-cost for our users to trade between Bitcoin and all others digital, crypto and fiat currencies available, including Kinesis gold and silver-backed digital currencies, KAU and KAG.

Kinesis users can now trade between Bitcoin (BTC), KAU, KAG, Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar ($) and Euro (€).

With over $6 billion worth of Bitcoin traded every single day, the well-known, volatile cryptocurrency was the next natural inclusion for our ever-widening range of trading pairs.

Through Kinesis digital currencies, Bitcoin holders can directly trade their Bitcoin for physical gold and silver bullion, as effortlessly as they might trade between Bitcoin and any other currency.

Remember, the physical gold and silver underpinning all of the Kinesis gold and silver-backed digital currencies is fully allocated, fully audited, fully redeemable and stored in the Kinesis vaulting system without charge.

The results of our very first bi-annual, independent audit are available here.

More trading pairs coming soon

Tether (USDT), a cryptocurrency anchored to the price of the US dollar, is set to join the selection of tradeable currencies Kinesis offers within the coming weeks.

In the near future, Ripple (XRP) – a digital asset designed specifically for payments; and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – an altcoin offshoot of Bitcoin created for faster, cheaper transactions, are set to advance our range of trading pairs, even further.

Kinesis is committed to the continued expansion of our available trading pairs, with a view to providing our users with a diverse range of entry and exit points to the Kinesis monetary system, while delivering the accessibility, variety and value essential to establish Kinesis as your primary trading hub.

What does the future hold for Kinesis?

Over the course of the next several months to come, we have some exciting developments in the pipeline for the Kinesis Community.

Our new, intuitive dashboard functionality is set to bring seamless usability to the entire Kinesis platform.

Followed by the highly anticipated addition of the Kinesis Yield system, rewarding our users with a monthly payment of KAU or KAG for their everyday engagement with the Kinesis system.

Find out more about the 5 yields available with Kinesis here.