Posted 24th February 2020

Transformative Financial Solutions for the Unbanked Communities and Economies of Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Kinesis Money for the unbanked

Kinesis’ mobile payment and savings solutions are providing vital financial access and fair remittance provision to the unbanked populations of the world. A mission to bring financially underserved citizens into a low-cost, accessible and lucrative monetary system; while delivering cross-border value previously unseen in the exploitative remittance space.

Governments embracing Kinesis’ robust financial infrastructure access new revenue streams and take control of their economy, through a transition to a debt-free currency based on the stable value of physical gold.
Across the world, 1.7 billion adults still remain unbanked. Almost a quarter of the world’s population are left stranded outside of the financial system. Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America are among the regions worst affected by financial exclusion, with the majority each population currently unbanked.

Across these regions, restrictive financial access results in generations trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. Without the inclusive financial infrastructure and stable monetary value, a country’s economic and societal development is severely stunted.

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