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June 2022

Silver Enjoys Rare Day of Optimism as Markets Rebalance After Last Week’s Sell-Off
G-7’s Ban on Russian Gold Gives Traders Nudge Required to Claw Back Recent Losses
Why is gold so valuable and what makes it so precious?
Gold’s Small Gains Can’t Hide Weekly Drop Amid Prospect of More Fed Rate Hikes
Silver Struggles to Hold on to $21 as Likelihood of More Rate Hikes Diminishes Appeal
Silver Slips Close to $21 as Recession Fears Allied to Interest Rate Hikes Dwindle its Appeal
Gold Isn’t Immune to Stock Market Plunge Amid Likelihood of More Rate Rises Needed
Silver Struggles to Make Gains as Investors Switch Off to Any of Metal’s Appealing Factors
Gold Finds Sufficient Support from Flight to Haven Assets to Offset Aggressive Fed
Is Silver A Good Investment in The Long Term?
Silver Shrugs Off Largest Fed Hike in Almost 30 Years to Trade Just Below $22
Gold Managing to Hold Above $1,800 Despite Pressure from Increasingly Hawkish Fed
Silver Makes Tentative Gains for Now With Investors Fearful of Fed’s Latest Rate Hike
All Eyes on Fed for Gold Holders With Question Not If But How Much Bank Will Hike Rates
FAQ Inflation
Inflation Concerns Dominate Markets as Gold Continues to Trade in Recent Range
Silver Dips Again on Economic Growth Concerns and Prospect of Further Rate Hikes
Gold Shrugs Off Prospect of ECB Rate Hikes to Continue to Trade Around $1,850
Silver Slides Following ECB Meeting to Wipe Off Recent Gains from Tentative Recovery
Most Valuable Silver Dollars in the Market Today
Gold Set For Period of Oscillation Around $1,850 Awaiting Fresh Drivers
Silver Investors Take Stock With Metal Stabilising Near $22 Yet Asset Remains Cheap
Oil Price Jumps to $120, While Silver Tries to Rebound
Gold is gaining momentum with price above $1,850 per ounce