Kinesis VISA Card.

The perfect card for making global payments using digital gold, silver or cryptocurrency, easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Physical and digital
Everyday payments in digital physical gold, silver and crypto.
46+ million locations
Spend at the tap of a button in 180+ countries with the Visa network.
Top up fee - only
Free sign up. No monthly fees. Just a low top-up fee of 0.22%.
Transact up to $500 USD
Unlimited daily top-ups, via desktop or Kinesis mobile app.

Spend your digital currencies, anywhere, anytime.

The Kinesis mobile app gives close control of day-to-day spending and easy card management on-the-go.

Fast, low-cost top up

Top up digital currencies with a low fee of 0.22%.

Incredible FX rate

Zero mark up, making this card the perfect travel companion.

Questions & Answers

Why would I want a Kinesis virtual debit card?

The Kinesis global virtual debit card makes it possible to make purchases and routine payments in digital physical gold, silver or cryptocurrency.

Who can sign up for a Kinesis virtual debit card?

The Kinesis global virtual debit card is available to users all over the world. Simply sign up, activate your virtual debit card, top up and you’re ready to start making online payments.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

The Kinesis virtual debit card can be integrated with Apple Pay or Google Pay, providing you with seamless contactless payments.

Are there a lot of expensive fees?

There is no activation fee, no monthly fees and no transaction fees.

The only fee for Kinesis virtual debit card users is a low 0.22% fee when topping up the card with Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies or cryptocurrency.

Where can I use the Kinesis virtual debit card?

The Kinesis debit can be used at 46+ million locations in 180+ countries around the world through the Visa network.

How do I get my money out?

To withdraw funds from your Kinesis virtual debit card, simply visit the Kinesis Wallet via desktop or the Kinesis mobile app.

Walkthrough guides

For walkthrough guides relating the the activation, top up and other functionality of the kinesis virtual card, click here.