Posted 9th May 2024

Q1 - Q2 2024 – Quarterly Update

In our latest update from the Kinesis CEO and founder, Thomas Coughlin reviews the milestones achieved by Kinesis so far this year and provides further insight into the upcoming developments still to come. 

As the Kinesis team becomes ever more global, this quarter’s update brings together updates on partnership and product announcements, as well as customer service delivery, our new Telemarketing division, technical developments and an anticipated rise in staffing in Q2 and beyond.

Q1 Snapshot

Kinesis Partner Program Beta Launch

This quarter saw the Beta launch of the Kinesis Partner Program, offering partners the opportunity to earn uncapped revenue – paid in gold and silver – for introducing their networks to Kinesis. Through the new Partner’s Yield, partners can earn up to a 25% share of all transaction fees generated across their entire referral network.

To ensure a smooth rollout of the program, Kinesis launched the partner program in Beta for a pre-selected group of Kinesis partners.

We expect the core base of partners will be made up of individuals and businesses within the precious metals, crypto trading, and payment services spaces. However, each application will be reviewed on an individual basis and we are interested in partners with a large, engaged or high-net-worth network.

Our partners are equipped with the partner management platform, offering up-to-minute data on their referral activity. The platform is the central hub for the seamless management of their recruitment, revenue and strategic planning.

While the dedicated partner management team are on hand to assist partners with the insights, tools, and audience-specific marketing materials to drive revenue through the recruitment and activation of their network.

Our new partner program has the potential to drive significant growth for the Kinesis ecosystem, with the majority of Kinesis transaction fee revenue – as always – redistributed back to our global user base.

The Beta will conclude with the full launch of the Kinesis Partner Program mid-Q3. However, we are currently accepting and reviewing applications ahead of the live launch – apply today.

See how much you could earn as a Kinesis Partner using the
Partner Program Calculator*.

Kinesis offers simplified reporting with CoinTracking

In collaboration with CoinTracking –  an industry-leading digital asset portfolio tracker and reporting tool – Kinesis has simplified the CSV importing functionality into the CoinTracking platform. 

The new reporting feature enables users to import their CSV files directly from Kinesis into the CoinTracking platform, removing the need for manual KAU and KAG price setup. Kinesis users can access the CSV import functionality directly from Kinesis’ dedicated page on the CoinTracking platform.

Import your CSV files to the CoinTracking platform via this link.

Through the partnership, Kinesis has secured all users a 10% discount on the full suite of CoinTracking services, accessible via the referral page.

As the first phase of integration, the foundations are laid for fully automated reporting through CoinTracking.

Multi-account feature now available

The Kinesis Multi-account feature allows users to access and manage their multiple businesses from a primary profile. With this expansion, users can create an unlimited number of new business accounts from their individual accounts and easily switch between them.

For each business account, merchants can set up Kinesis Pay and start accepting gold and silver payments at their online and physical store locations. The Kinesis account offering also includes multi-send, enabling business owners to send gold and silver to up to 1,000 payees at once – operating as an effective solution for payroll.

Additionally, both Kinesis referrers and partners are entitled to earn yields on all verified accounts created by their referees via the Multi-account feature.

After the first phase of release, the Multi-account feature will be further developed to enable users to manage accounts on behalf of other users. Broker-dealers and private wealth managers will have the ability to offer their clients access to precious metal and sound money investment, along with all other value and benefits provided by the full Kinesis Monetary System.

Learn more about the new Multi-account feature here.

Technical Updates & Customer Service Enhancements

Faster, low-cost USDC deposits via Stellar Network 

Kinesis has introduced enhanced USDC deposits on the platform – via the Stellar network.

Through the Stellar Network, Kinesis offers users faster USDC transactions with lower fees, presenting a superior alternative to USDC transfers on the Ethereum (ERC-20) blockchain. An integration requested from the Kinesis community, Stellar enables users to enjoy more efficient USDC deposits and withdrawals, at a lower cost.

USDC on Stellar introduces a cost-effective, instant on-ramping mechanism for Kinesis users across the globe. Broadening the range of deposit methods gives investors from all backgrounds easier access to the unique benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System.

Customer Support and Account Executives

As we begin to onboard partners from across the world, we will also be expanding our Customer Support and Account Executive teams. The quarter ahead will see the addition of even more multilingual Customer Support Agents and Account Executives in an effort to accommodate our ever-growing global customer base.

Expansion in these departments is to strategically coincide with the anticipated growth in particular regions as a result of the newly launched Partner Program.  

Company Hiring & Expansion

Telemarketing division introduced

With the introduction of our new telemarketing division, this strategic expansion is designed to enhance our customer outreach and service capabilities.

This month, they hit the ground running. Implementing innovative communication strategies to connect with our customer base, with a proactive approach that has already witnessed an uptick in customer satisfaction. Our telemarketing division will play a pivotal role in driving our business growth and fostering lasting relationships with our users.

Independent certifications

Kinesis Passes Q1 Audit 2024

Kinesis successfully passed the Q1 2024 independent precious metals audit, conducted by the leading global audit and inspection specialist, Inspectorate International.

As ever, Inspectorate International’s independent report confirmed that the quantity of gold and silver within the Kinesis vaulting network was as stated, with Kinesis passing all criteria of the inspection.

These independent quarterly audits provide community members with the imperative verification that all Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) within the Kinesis Monetary System are backed by a 1:1 allocation of physical gold and silver bullion. 

The Q1 2024 audit is available to view on our website here

All KAU and KAG circulation figures are publicly available and verifiable on the Kinesis blockchain explorer here. The Kinesis blockchain maintains an immutable and irrefutable ledger of all KAU and KAG within the system. 

Kinesis Mint achieves ISO certification 

The Kinesis Mint achieved certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The independent, non-governmental, international standard development organisation awarded the Kinesis Mint the ISO 9001:2015 certification, recognising the high quality of Kinesis Mint services and Kinesis Bullion products. 

With this certification, Kinesis Bullion gold and silver products are eligible for inclusion in US Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

The global recognition and renowned rigour of the ISO evaluation process provide added peace of mind for investors in Kinesis Bullion. The ISO seal of approval confirms the industry standing of the Kinesis Mint and Kinesis Bullion, while further solidifying the reputation of Kinesis as a whole.

We will continue to deliver excellence and quality throughout our operations and products, reinforcing Kinesis’ position as a global leader in physical precious metals.

Kinesis Bullion & Kinesis Mint

House of Mandela partners with Kinesis Mint

We were beyond proud to announce the partnership between the Kinesis Mint and the House of Mandela this month, with the Kinesis Mint appointed as the exclusive coin producer for the House of Mandela.

The Kinesis Mint, our certified independent precious metals mint and refinery, will manufacture the official House of Mandela collector coins in fine gold and silver.

For the House of Mandela, represented by Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Dr Pumla Makaziwe Mandela, and granddaughter, Tukwini Mandela, to entrust Kinesis with this responsibility is a great honour.

The inaugural coin of the series, the House of Mandela Coin, pays homage to the immortalised legacy and global impact of the former South African president and activist, Nelson Mandela. The commemorative coins will be available to purchase from the House of Mandela physical and online store, the Kinesis Bullion store and retail bullion partners of Kinesis later this year.

Bullion store & Kinesis Mint website redesign

This quarter, the Kinesis Mint website and Kinesis Bullion online store were revamped to better showcase our bullion products and production capacity. 

The Kinesis Mint website was updated with new imagery and a homepage video that features the extensive Kinesis Bullion collection, as well as the high-quality fabrication of the products themselves. The world-class footage and imagery was captured during our Creative team’s recent shoot of the 5,600-square-metre Kinesis Mint facility, giving investors a glimpse into the precision and scale of the operation.

The Kinesis Bullion UX rework features an updated homepage and a new hero image slider displaying the new Phoenix round; a full layout redesign, updated imagery and more intuitive navigation. 

These updates demonstrate Kinesis’ continued expansion into the physical bullion space and showcase the industry-leading quality that we uphold in all aspects of precious metal provision.

New rounds at the Kinesis Bullion store

Two new fine silver rounds were added to the Kinesis Bullion store this quarter, the 1oz Kinesis Silver Phoenix Round and the 1oz Kinesis Silver Lunar Round.

As the latest additions to the Kinesis Bullion collection, the Kinesis Silver Phoenix Round represents the rebirth of a monetary system, backed by the enduring value of precious metals. While the Lunar Dragon Round commemorates the 2024 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon. 

The silver bullion rounds are of investment-grade quality with a certified minimum fineness of 999 and were designed and crafted entirely in-house by our talented team of artists.

The official range of Kinesis Bullion rounds and bars available across the US will significantly expand throughout the year, branching out into new markets across the globe – stay tuned.

Q2 milestones & what’s still to come

Product Launches & Integrations

Beta – Buy precious metals & crypto with your card 

In a step forward for the Kinesis platform, users will be able to instantly buy Kinesis gold (KAU), silver (KAG) and cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card, as well as bank transfer and money transfer methods.

The new purchase functionality will launch in Beta. Depending on the cryptocurrency policy of their financial institution, users have experienced varying success while purchasing assets with this new functionality.

We are providing a solution for our users, however, Kinesis has no control over whether a financial institution allows a user’s digital asset purchase to be processed.

In the instance your financial institution does not approve your purchase, you will be immediately notified, with no charge taken from your account. If this is the case, we recommend you try another debit card, credit card or bank transfer option – or opt for one of our existing deposit options.

Additionally, the feature will offer users across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas the option to purchase assets via instant ACH and SEPA online bank transfers, e-money transfers or digital wallet options. The digital assets will be delivered to the user’s Kinesis account minutes after purchase completion, removing the need for any manual deposit of fiat future will broaden the range of asset purchase options available on the Kinesis platform.

Kinesis users will be able to purchase assets in their local currency with their debit or credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay wallets or one of the popular regional methods – all via a simple widget within the dashboard of the Kinesis platform. 

The new feature expands the accessibility of the Kinesis Monetary System, presenting many users with a new simple purchase option for gold, silver and digital assets.

CoinTracking API integration with Kinesis

The Kinesis team is in the final stages of connecting Kinesis with the CoinTracking reporting platform, via API.

The integrated CoinTracking API will be implemented to streamline the tracking of gold, silver and cryptocurrency transactions on the Kinesis platform.

Kinesis users can link their accounts directly to CoinTracking, allowing ongoing trading and transaction data transfer and synchronisation between both platforms. Available across 100+ countries and supporting multiple reporting methods, the CoinTracking platform provides a tailored solution to create country-specific reports with minimal effort.

As previously mentioned, Kinesis users have a 10% discount on the full suite of CoinTracking services, via the following dedicated link.

Kinesis Card (EAA) launch

Available in 29 EEA countries, the physical Kinesis Visa Debit Card launch will enable users to spend and transact in physical gold, silver and cryptocurrencies – with the added convenience of instant fiat conversion at the point of sale.

Cardholders will have the opportunity to safeguard their wealth while accessing cost-effective spending of precious metals – with instant fiat conversion.

While launching a card program of such scale is a great regulatory undertaking, the Kinesis Card (EEA) launch is primed and in the final stage of approval. We look forward immensely to sharing details of the launch – and we have plans in place to reward early adopters of the sound money movement. 

Kinesis gold bills

Last year, Kinesis announced a partnership with Valaurum to create unique Kinesis gold bills, offering users and investors a new way to spend and store physical gold. 

The notes, containing small denominations of gold bullion, aim to reintroduce gold as a circulating physical currency and strengthen Kinesis’ position in the sound money space. They will be convertible with KAU as well as being marketed through the Kinesis Bullion store.

The launch of the physical notes will cement Kinesis’ position at the forefront of the sound money movement and will provide a valuable tool for increasing awareness of Kinesis.

While we cannot share any specifics at this stage, we anticipate the craft and detail of the note designs will be a staple addition for precious metals collectors.

Kinesis Pro

As Kinesis Pro, the professional digital asset trading platform from Kinesis nears its final stages of development and testing, our team is preparing grounds for the forthcoming launch.  

With a focus on high-liquidity trading pairs, advanced trading tools and stringent security measures, the exchange is poised to deliver an unparalleled trading experience for Kinesis users seeking to diversify their digital asset portfolios.

An integral part of the Kinesis Monetary System, the introduction of Kinesis Pro ensures seamless access to the digital asset market for our users, whilst allowing them to generate yields. The advanced crypto platform is expected to emerge as a significant contributor to the Master Fee Pool.

New Kinesis native assets

The Kinesis team is working hard on expanding the platform’s native asset offering. 

In the upcoming months, the Kinesis users will see new, bespoke additions introduced to our platform and exchange, designed to cater to the needs of entirely new target markets. These tokens are positioned both in the Real World Asset and institutional spaces.

Kinesis Merchant Rewards Portal

The Kinesis development team is working on an all-new Kinesis merchant rewards portal, which will offer our community another avenue for earning tangible precious metals rewards.  

Platform users will be able to choose from reward offers at over 7,000 participating global online stores, across categories of lifestyle, beauty, tech, fashion and many more. 

The rewards portal will offer a broad selection of cashback rewards to Kinesis users, bolstering the incentive to purchase via the Kinesis platform for a more rewarding monetary experience.


We are pleased to announce the soft launch of the NUNOMICS APP on 18 May, with the full launch event, including top government officials, set for July/August.

The NUNOMICS APP is the everyday lifestyle and financial health assist tool for the exclusive use by the over 100 million members of the Indonesian religious/social community organization – Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).

Having been developed in collaboration with NU by Kinesis and our local tech partner, Bullion Ecosystem International (BEI), NUNOMICS uses the same footprint as the other Indonesia Project apps; PosPay Gold, JFX Gold X and MetalGO.

Two main components of NUNOMICS are “NU Gold” for gold savings using KAU and “Gold to Mecca”, an integrated savings/travel application for planning, paying and spending for and during Hajj trips to Mecca – all using KAU as the currency.

Technical Updates & System Enhancements

New Banking On-Ramps

The Kinesis team has been working through the necessary steps to implement new fiat on-ramps to the Kinesis Monetary System, benefiting our global community. New banking options for USD, GBP, EUR and CAD are scheduled to become available in the upcoming months.

Kinesis Pay Multi-site Functionality

We’re excited to announce a significant upgrade to our Kinesis Pay features. Our team has enhanced the Kinesis Pay WooCommerce plugin, ensuring seamless compatibility with WooCommerce multi-site functionality.

Now, clients managing multiple stores within a single WooCommerce account can fully harness the power of Kinesis Pay on a per-store basis. This enhancement empowers businesses to streamline payment processes across their entire network of stores, maximising efficiency and convenience.

Experience the benefits of Kinesis Pay like never before, tailored to your unique multi-store setup.


We have achieved several significant milestones so far this year that lay the foundations and innovative solutions for the global expansion of the Kinesis Monetary System. 

With the Kinesis Partnership Program now in place, Kinesis anticipates an influx of valuable partnerships that will accelerate the sound money movement through their respective global networks and communities. We look forward to the new thought leaders, entrepreneurs and industry shapers who will join us in spreading the Kinesis ethos, permeating every sector of the precious metals, payment services and digital asset spaces.

The partner program promises to be a powerful and largely self-driven onboarding mechanism for the Kinesis Monetary System.

Kinesis continues to serve our global community with practical solutions that facilitate the use and ease of spending gold and silver as money.

We extend our gratitude to all members of the Kinesis community who continue to support us on the path towards a sound monetary future for all. 

Best regards,

Thomas Coughlin

*The calculator is an estimate of your potential Partner’s Yield and may not be an accurate reflection of your future earnings. Your Partner’s Yield will vary, depending on factors that are unique to you and your audience; including the volume they generate, the fees they generate and your ability to present the various services Kinesis offers.