Posted 12th November 2020

October roadmap update.


We’ve been working on a multitude of developments and partnerships, and are pleased to announce a full update on what’s happening with our roadmap.

We have been busy behind the scenes at Kinesis working on a multitude of developments and partnerships, and are pleased to announce a full update for the month of October, on what’s happening with our roadmap items.

Partnership deal

Seabury is renowned for providing global advisory services, asset management and speciality finance solutions and has wide-ranging interests in enterprise software and financial technology fields.

The first project of the partnership will tokenize a new physical asset class, emerald gemstones, in the form of a Kinesis Emerald token (KEM). We have developed a new blockchain in order to bring KEM into the Kinesis Exchange.

An initial deposit into our vaults of minimum US$100,000,000 of emeralds backing $100 million KEM (1 KEM = 1 carat) will be the first tranche to be put onto the Kinesis Exchange.

Emeralds, being an incredible store of value, the new KEM is a welcome addition to the Kinesis currency suite. In addition to the Kinesis yield model attached to the token, there will also be a guaranteed 3% annual return for KEM holders.

We will be releasing a joint press release with Seabury in the coming weeks, where we will outline all the details in their entirety.

US physical card and hybrid banking

We have whitelisted selected users in the US for a closed beta while we ensure smooth deliverability and operational aspects of the program. This requires a coordinated approach with our US suppliers which is why the beta is necessary before completely opening it up to the entire US market.

Mint directly to your Kinesis Money account

In addition, to make the process easier, we have created a single sign-on (SSO) tokenized login, which will enable users to log in to the Mint once logged into KMS without having to input password or 2fa.

Although development has been completed for the mint to Kinesis Money feature and the single sign-on option, we are currently backlogged in UAT, full deployment, while the beta program is running, and once we have taken the beta program off of the whitelisting, we will immediately bring online this service thus completing our roadmap.

Yield work underway

It’s a big month for Kinesis, we are preparing for our European and UK banking programs, restructuring our blockchain networks including new blockchain developments and updating our security protocols, all of which we will be updating you within due course.