Posted 1st April 2022

Silver Struggles to Regain $25 Territory As Hopes of Peace in Ukraine Reduce Haven Appeal

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After successfully rallying back above $25 an ounce on the four recent previous occasions that silver fell below this threshold, its fifth decline is proving harder to rebound from.

The main pressure comes from the continuation of talks between Ukraine and Russia aiding hopes that peace can be achieved and a swift end brought to the fighting that has now been going on for over a month. Add in the prospect of rising interest rates in the US and Europe and silver currently has two significant bearish factors pulling its price down. 

silver kinesis exchange kag
Silver ($/oz) chart – 15 minutes – from Kinesis Exchange

Yet despite its recent declines, silver remains at a level far above where it was trading for the majority of the second half of 2021. As the fear trading that followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine starts to unwind, haven assets like silver have lost some of their appeal.

However, with the war far from over, any escalation in fighting or failures in peace talks could quickly see a renewed rush to safe havens as market confidence remains fragile.

So far, silver has traded in close correlation with gold and has been pulled up and down by the same factors. But should greater focus be placed on silver’s industrial appeal and the forecast for record demand this year, then silver could break away and climb while gold treads water.

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