Posted 1st November 2022

Gold & Silver November Outlook - 2022

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Gold Outlook

Gold starts November hoping that after another month of losses in October and the downward trend the precious metal has been on for much of the year will finally turn around.

This cautious optimism stems from the growing expectations that the Federal Reserve may soon adopt a less aggressive stance with its interest rate hikes and finally give some breathing space for gold.

Investors await the November hike 

Gold has struggled under the weight of a series of large interest rate hikes with the Fed expected to kick off November with another 75 basis point increase. If confirmed, that will be the fourth consecutive hike of that magnitude. However, as much as the Fed’s decision on where to move its interest rate to is significant, arguably of greater importance to the market direction will be the comments by Fed President Jerome Powell in the press conference following the announcement.

Bullish factors see gold flow East

The other bullish factor for gold in November has been the metal’s price action as it neared $1,600 an ounce in October. With gold trending towards the bottom of its 2-year range, physical buyers, particularly those in Asia, have consistently taken advantage of any dips to top up their holdings. The impact of this was reflected in Asian prices commanding a premium over European ones, encouraging flows of gold to the East.

US inflation figure incoming

While November 2nd will be a key date for gold, and the markets as a whole, with the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, the publication of the US inflation figure for October on November 10th will also be a significant driver. Persistently high inflation has been the main reason behind the Fed’s series of rate hikes so investors will want to see the figure falling to show that the US central bank’s efforts are starting to yield results. 

Current expectations are for a very small decline in the rate of inflation but if this figure were to surprise to the upside, gold is likely to come under fresh downward pressure as the Fed would have less fiscal room to end its rate hikes in the short-term.

However, hopes of the price climbing back above $1,700 an ounce feel premature given that they are based on the expectation that the Fed will be able to let up on its large rate hikes in the coming months. Rather this, than the reality of another significant increase due at the start of November.

Silver Outlook

Silver finds itself in an interesting situation as we enter into November. Whereas gold endured another monthly decline in October, silver remained largely stable with its low for the year seemingly having happened back in September.

Fundamental case for silver remains unchanged

The fundamental case for silver has remained both healthy and unchanged throughout 2022 but this has been more than offset by the Federal Reserve’s decision to implement a series of large interest rate hikes from April onwards. With another increase expected by the US central bank to kick off November, the macroeconomic environment remains challenging for silver with the metal’s lack of yield meaning that other interest-bearing assets, such as bonds, are more attractive to investors.

However, while another 75 basis point increase by the Fed is all but confirmed for November, expectations are mounting that the trajectory in coming months may not be as steep. Any let-up on future hikes would lift some of the pressure on silver and enable it to regain more of the ground it has lost since April. There certainly remains significant buying support for the precious metal as seen by the swift recovery in the price every time it dips below $19 an ounce.

A year of record demand

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