Posted 17th December 2019

Kinesis partners with XcelTrip to provide travel solutions

Kinesis Xceltrip decentralized travel ecosystem

London 17th December, 2019: Kinesis today announces its latest partnership with XcelTrip, an online platform that allows holidaymakers from around the world to book over 1.5 million hotels and resorts, and more than 400 airlines.

XcelTrip provides their half a million client user base with the current, rare opportunity to book travel arrangements using a wide range of cryptocurrency payment options.

As part of this partnership, Kinesis is excited to announce that XcelTrip is now accepting Kinesis KAU, the fully allocated, 1:1 gold-based currency, as a payment option via their website or associated mobile app.

Kinesis is committed to building a system that rewards users for participation while providing real-world value and use of its groundbreaking gold and silver currencies. Through the continually growing alliance of partners, institutions and governments Kinesis is delivering on a broad spectrum, disrupting the payments and remittance space.

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin comments on this new partnership. This is a tremendous breakthrough as it provides Kinesis currency holders with the ability to book flights and hotels around the world, improving the accessibility of basic services. This is in line with the Kinesis vision of in developing an eco-system to provide a multitude of services and value for our users.

Regarding the partnership Mr. Gyanendra Khadka, Founder & CEO, XcelTrip added – XcelTrip’s vision is closely aligned to that of Kinesis to create a decentralised economy by offering real, value-added use-cases that positively impact the global community and empower our end-users.

The partnership presents a valuable opportunity for both Kinesis and XcelTrip to improve usability, enhance accessibility and demonstrate the vast potential for digital currency integration with all businesses, services, institutions and nations.

Kinesis is committed to making the economic weight of gold usable and accessible to promote financial inclusion and economic elevation of people everywhere.

The Kinesis payment infrastructure provides the financially vulnerable populations of developing nations with simple access to financial services and instant, inexpensive cross-border payments. Aligned with the values of XcelTrip, Kinesis is providing accessible, valuable and stable alternative payment systems, which operate outside of traditional banking systems and thrive for the economic benefit of all.

The fully-integrated Kinesis international payment infrastructure for PT POS Indonesia, Indonesia’s national postal service, is a testament to the value and robust infrastructure the Kinesis team can deliver for governments. A nationwide, systemic integration that serves as an impactful example of the overall improvement Kinesis can make to a global monetary system in dire need of transformation.

In addition to providing real-world value, access and efficiency to the millions of Indonesians sending and receiving payments, Kinesis is set to open up the financial benefits of gold storage to a nation where over 65% of citizens are unbanked or underbanked.

Kinesis is disrupting the digital payments space and is on course to build many more influential partnerships with businesses, institutions and nations; making their gold and silver-backed digital currencies available for the financial empowerment and economic benefit of people everywhere.