Posted 30th July 2019

Kinesis partners with U.S.-based healthcare platform Rejuvenan Global Health, enabling reward payments using digital currencies

New York 30th June 2019: The board of Kinesis is pleased to announce an investment in and partnership with leading health and wellness company Rejuvenan.

The partnership between Kinesis and Rejuvenan is expected to create major synergies between the two companies serving potentially millions of people around the globe.

Rejuvenan is a digital wellness and health company that focuses on delivering an integrated and holistic approach to healthcare to its clients. Unlike other wellness/health companies, Rejuvenan’s data-driven platform uses AI to diagnose and provide clients with specific behavioural modification strategies for optimal health outcomes. By powering a Rejuvenan rewards currency based on the Kinesis platform, Rejuvenan will be able to leverage Kinesis’s established operational infrastructure to provide their clients with a rewards system that incentivises healthy lifestyles.

Rejuvenan Founder and CEO, Fred Nazem, is a corporate architect and venture capital pioneer who has been building highly disruptive, industry-leading healthcare and technology companies since the late 1970s. He is the co-founder of several multibillion-dollar companies and a turnaround specialist best known for leading the successful reorganisation of Oxford Health Plans, which was later sold to United Healthcare for more than US$6 billion.

Fred Nazem, Founder and Executive Chairman of Rejuvenan comments:

“We are so excited about working closely with Kinesis management to achieve a shared dream: Offering exceptional health and wellness care at a reasonable price to consumers around the globe by utilising our state of the art digital platform and a targeted reward program empowered by Kinesis to enable better health outcomes.
Kinesis will leverage its technical and operational skills with the aim of delivering a full suite of solutions for Rejuvenan’s rewards platform. This solution seeks to expand the number of users of the Kinesis monetary system and drive the use and adoption of Kinesis currencies.”

Thomas Coughlin, CEO Kinesis comments:

“We are proud to be partnering with a successful platform which encompasses a world-class team bringing an extensive knowledge base and skill set for the health and wellness industry. This is an industry that is rapidly expanding and one which we are pleased to be aligning ourselves with. The Kinesis system has deep values in sustainability and the improvement and accessibility of basic services. Now with Kinesis technology, we offer Rejuvenan customers more rewards for their participation on top of a set of services that are second to none in the industry.”

The partnership opens doors into new areas of community expansion. A mutually beneficial strategic marketing agreement covering the respective parties will ensure cross-market initiatives to promote the products/services of each party whilst expanding their community footprint. By making this investment into Rejuvenan, Kinesis seeks to gain a foothold in the ever-expanding wellness/health space and recognises the unique approach of Rejuvenan’s products, as well as the distinguished credentials of its team.

About Rejuvenan

Rejuvenan is a data-driven digital wellness and healthcare company that uses findings in Telomere Biology to diagnose and create behavioural change to clients for better health outcomes. The company integrates wellness with “sick care” and provides its users 24/7 access to board-certified medical doctors including a free annual wellness checkup guided by a doctor.

The company is run by a highly distinguished management team with extensive experience in Healthcare, Insurance and technology sectors.

The Rejuvenan platform uses digital interventions to move users along the illness-to-wellness spectrum. The company leverages smartphones, wearable devices, cloud technology and user-provided information to deliver precise, individualised, clinically-proven guidance on lifestyle choices and behaviour.

Rejuvenan’s mission is to empower individuals to own their own health, offering true preventive health-care, not just reactive sick-care, all in an effort to treat the person, not just the disease.

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