Posted 10th January 2020

Kinesis Exchange Enhancements

Kinesis Exchange Enhancements

We are pleased to announce the release of key updates to the Kinesis Exchange. These changes are scheduled to take place at 03:00 GMT on Monday, 13th January 2020.

Changes to orders include the following:

Market orders will be reinstated

The indicative price is calculated based on the depth and will refresh as the depth updates. This is only an indicative price, due to constant changes in the depth and market, and orders will execute at the prevailing price and depth at the time of the order being executed.

Limit orders update

In an effort to ensure optimal market conditions, limit orders will only be allowed to be placed within a 30% threshold of the last executed price per pair.

Please note: ALL EXISTING LIMIT ORDERS will be cancelled upon release of these updates. You will need to re-enter any limit orders after release.

Design updates

A number of new designs have been implemented to improve user experience.

This includes changes to the following:

  • The price chart
  • The trade screen
  • The most recent executed orders display

A complete view of the entire depth for the selected pair has been added:

  • Showing only the top 5 orders in the depth by default, the user can expand the view to display all orders in the depth.
  • If the currently logged in account has limit orders within the depth, the remaining amount of the open or partially filled orders will be indicated to the user.

Various additional design updates have been made to improve user experience. This is an ongoing exercise and more changes will be implemented as we receive feedback.

To view all a record of all system enhancements please visit our changelog.