Posted 6th March 2019

Kinesis announces new appointments to Advisory Committee

London 06.03.2019: Kinesis, the leading digitised commodity monetary system, has today announced the appointment of Sergio Fernandez de Cordova and Francisco de Borbon to its advisory committee.

Fernandez de Cordova is co-founder of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development at the United Nations. Cordova comes with an established and significant investment portfolio and insurmountable expertise in blockchain investment as well as being a Director, Founder or Chairman in 10 other ventures, with as well as over 18 years of working globally with Governments at all levels, structuring public-private partnerships. This experience at the commission in addition to Mr. Fernandez de Cordova’s diverse and unique experience will bring immense value to Kinesis.

De Borbon is the co-founder and managing partner of Alpha Trading and Alpha Themisyu and the Cora Alpha group. He is also the CEO, co-founder and chief visionary behind the Elysium City project, the first and largest sustainable smart city ever developed in Europe — emphasizing his commitment to sustainable development and good governance across Europe. De Borbon has previously been appointed to the advisory board of Allcott and PVBLIC Foundation, highlighting his tremendous experience and value in an advisory capacity.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis Money comments: “This distinguished committee brings together a uniquely talented group of experts and visionaries who understand the global market and the importance of ensuring transparency, responsible investment, regulation and governance in a fast-changing landscape. Their knowledge of different markets across the world and depth of technical and innovative thinking will provide Kinesis Money with the inputs needed to establish a strategy and direction that will become market leading and set the standard for others to follow.”

Thomas continues: “It’s a privilege to bring such prominent investors to our advisory board. The rationale behind these appointments is to showcase the growing confidence and trust in the Kinesis monetary system and its potential for global market leadership. Our strategy and growth will benefit immensely from their prestige, good governance and expertise in investment portfolio growth. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our new advisory team.”

In addition to our UAE partners, which are continuing to grow, these new appointments reflect the growing support and interest from leading figures in business and finance for Kinesis, particularly in key European markets.

We encourage to research these individuals as they have impressive backgrounds.