Posted 9th February 2023

How Much Silver Should You Own?

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how much silver should you own

However, determining the right amount of silver to own in your portfolio can be a tricky task. In this post, we’ll explore how silver can be allocated in a diversified portfolio, consider the pros and cons of physical and digital silver, and examine how this might change during a financial crisis.

The Average Silver Allocation in a Portfolio

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Physical vs Digital Silver

Physical silver has the advantage of being a tangible asset that can be stored and held in one’s possession. Additionally, owning physical silver can provide a sense of satisfaction and security from an asset that legally belongs to the holder through full title ownership. 

On the other hand, digital silver offers the convenience and liquidity of electronic trading. It can be bought and sold quickly and easily, and stored in a digital wallet or brokerage account. It is therefore a great option for those who plan on trading their silver on a regular basis.

Ultimately, the decision between physical and digital silver comes down to personal preference and the specific investment goals of an individual.

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Silver Investing During a Financial Crisis

A general guideline is for silver to be part of the  5-10% apportioned to precious metals, including gold, in an investment portfolio. It’s important to consider investing on a case-by-case basis, as well as the macroeconomic environment at play but the case for silver is looking stronger now than it has done for many years.

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