Posted 1st May 2020

5 ways Kinesis technology can increase business revenue

kinesis business revenue growing

The integration of Kinesis technology has huge potential to increase business revenue and efficiency for companies of all sizes, across all sectors.

Kinesis technology opens a company up to a series of unique, profitable revenue streams. As well as providing the security of holding company capital in the stable value of physical gold and silver, in the form of Kinesis gold bullion and silver bullion-backed digital currencies.

1. Mint and earn with Kinesis gold and silver digital currencies

Minting is the profitable process of creating your own Kinesis gold and silver bullion-backed digital currencies, which has the capability of unlocking a new, recurring form of business revenue with unlimited earning potential for companies.

How does it all work?

Kinesis technology calculates the Minters Yield from a proportionate 5% share of global transaction fees, across the Kinesis network.

How would this work for my business?

  • 1. All company capital allocated for operating costs, such as wages, rent, utilities and materials, can be minted into Kinesis digital gold bullion and silver bullion-backed currencies.
  • 2. Next, a business uses that minted currency to make their routine payments through Kinesis payment technology.
  • 3. In this way, a business will earn a monthly yield, based on our global fee revenue, paid in Kinesis gold and silver bullion-based currencies on that minted currency, forever.

Minting the company capital for day-to-day operating costs can significantly increase business revenue.

2. Create additional revenue from holding company capital in Kinesis gold and silver

In a breakthrough in capital management, Kinesis technology allows a business to enhance business revenue with a passive yield on company capital. At the same time, protecting company capital from market volatility in the stable value of gold bullion and silver bullion.

How can I increase my business revenue?

Simply holding company capital in Kinesis gold bullion (KAU) and silver bullion (KAG) backed digital currencies, qualifies a business for another profitable yield – the Holders Yield.

With the Holders Yield, a proportionate share of 15% of global transaction fees across the Kinesis network are deposited into your Kinesis account in physical gold or physical silver monthly, for as long as you hold your Kinesis digital currencies.

Why should I store company capital in physical gold or silver?

Gold remains the best-performing asset class of the 21st century, according to a recent analysis by Atlantic House Fund Management. Storing company capital in the stable value of physical gold bullion or silver bullion helps to shield company capital from the unpredictable fluctuations of Fiat markets.

What’s more, Kinesis digital currencies enable a business to store company capital in physical gold and silver with no storage fees – ever. An industry first, made possible by allocating a percentage of Kinesis yields, coupled with our strong vaulting network.

How can I access my gold bullion or silver bullion?

All the while, a business maintains complete access to their physical gold and physical silver, through multiple, convenient access points:

  • Simply, convert your physical gold or silver back into your currency via the Kinesis Exchange, and withdraw into your business bank account.
  • Kinesis Debit Card – Spend Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies, anywhere in the world.
  • Redeem your physical bullion directly (subject to minimum withdrawal requirements, charges apply)

3. Running a Business Payroll with Kinesis

Operating payroll through Kinesis payment technology can diversify and increase business revenue. Kinesis introduces revenue streams in areas a traditional capital management approach would regard only as operating costs.

As payroll is normally the largest of all operating costs, accessing the earning potential of the Holders Yield and Minters Yield, at scale, presents a considerable business revenue generation opportunity.

Step 1: A business can access the Holders Yield by storing the company capital reserved for staff wages for a period of one month.

Step 2: In distributing wage payments to all staff through Kinesis, the company activates the Minters Yield, on all company capital sent as wages.

Step 3: For the purpose of payroll, a business would refer all staff members into the Kinesis system – this entitles the company to what is known as the Referrers Yield.

The Referrers Yield entitles a business to a 7.5% share of each referred staff member’s transaction fees for life.

So, a business earns a 7.5% share of:

  • 0.22% fee every time an employee uploads funds onto a debit card.
  • 0.45% fee every time an employee sends funds with Kinesis.

4. Introducing Customers to Kinesis

Introducing a business’ customer base into the Kinesis system is also a great opportunity to access the Referrers yield. Increasing business revenue, through the total revenue of a 7.5% share of all customer transaction fees.

Every time a customer sends a payment or uploads funds onto their debit card, your business receives a 7.5% share of the fees, paid in physical gold or silver.

5. Onboarding Businesses to Kinesis

Another profitable avenue to access the monthly revenue of the Referrers Yield, is onboarding suppliers and partnering firms into the Kinesis system.
Signing up a fellow business could increase business revenue for your company considerably, entitling your business to 7.5% of every single payment of that referred business.

Adopting Kinesis payment technology to manage day-to-day operating costs, gives businesses an opportunity to access Kinesis yields and increase business revenue, through unique revenue streams native to the Kinesis monetary system.

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