We’re not a bank.

We are a revolutionary monetary system, based 1:1 on allocated gold and silver that provides users with a stable store of value, that rewards you every month.

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Better than gold

A new currency based on physical gold and silver; the Kinesis system is an evolutionary step beyond any current monetary system available in the world today. It enhances money as both a store of value and a medium of exchange.

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The Kinesis monetary system

Kinesis Debit Card

A new currency based on physical gold and silver. Spend it anywhere with the Kinesis debit card.

  • Load your Kinesis Debit Card, with KAU (1 gm gold), KAG (1 oz silver) or other cryptocurrencies, to spend with ease.
  • Accepted at over 46 million merchant locations in over 200 countries, in-store, online or at ATMs across the Visa network.
  • Gain liquidity on your physical gold and silver, enabling precious metals to be used as money for the first time in modern history.


*Only available to UK, US and European citizens, with more regions being added in the future.

Our System

Two platforms, one to create and one to transact digital gold and silver currencies.

Kinesis Money

A simple interface to enable storage, trading, transferring and spending of your digital currencies all in one convenient location.

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Kinesis Mint

A powerful platform allowing users to create their own Kinesis gold and silver based currencies using fiat, cryptocurrency or physical bullion.

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Key benefits of using Kinesis

Rewarding you

With our unique yield-bearing system, qualifying customers receive a proportionate share of the Master Fee Pool.

Borderless transfers

With our fixed 0.45% fee, you can transfer your physical gold or silver, hassle-free in seconds.

Trade your currencies

A powerful platform built to enable the trading of digital and physical currencies.

Physical to digital

Transforming physical gold and silver into a digital currency with zero storage fees that earns a yield.

Trust and security

Your personal vault

Store your KAU & KAG with ease, with increased security and transparency via online and offline storage solutions.

Peace of mind

Your precious metals are secured in 9 global vaults, fully redeemable, with allocated legal title remaining with the user.

Powered by blockchain

Utilise the power of increased transaction speed and security globally.

Backed by ABX

Your ABX approved bullion is subject to full quality assurance frameworks with regular audits conducted.