Posted 18th April 2023

Q1 - Q2 2023 – Quarterly Update

In our latest update from the Kinesis CEO and founder, Thomas Coughlin reviews the milestones achieved by Kinesis in Q1 and provides further insight into the upcoming developments in Q2 2023.

Q1 Snapshot

Kinesis Pay

At the same time, Kinesis Pay enables customers to make instant purchases of precious metals outside the traditional fiat banking system, further encouraging the global adoption of gold and silver as global currencies.

Merchandise store

Kinesis Ma’at Coin 2023 edition

Introducing the latest addition to the Kinesis bullion collection, the new Kinesis 1oz Ma’at Silver Coin showcases a unique, intricate design expertly crafted by the in-house team.

Kinesis 1oz Ma’at Silver Coin

On the reverse, the signature Kinesis ‘K’ logo encircles the coin, with the three-dimensional surface finish inspired by the security of a precious metals vault.

  • 1oz Kinesis Themis Silver Bar 2023
  • 10oz Kinesis Themis Silver Bar 2023
  • 5oz Silverback Precious Metals Silver Bar
  • 1oz Silverback Precious Metals Silver Bar


In another successful integration, we announced a new Kinesis-powered, white-labelled gold savings application for the Indonesian Hajj Brotherhood Association (IPHI). 

As Kinesis gold is fully shariah-compliant, the IPHI selected Kinesis’ native asset to introduce gold savings to their 10-million-strong membership, comprised of Indonesian citizens of the Islamic faith who have taken part in the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Through the white-labelled solution, Kinesis’ gold savings technology can also be utilised for the Gold to Mecca and #GoldforNation initiatives. 

With the proven versatility of Kinesis technology, the scope for future integrations is near-limitless. The infrastructure is built for deployment with global governments and organisations seeking to provide greater economic stability and financial access. Kinesis will continue to build and progress integrations within the region, providing citizens across Indonesia with low-cost mobile access to the timeless value of gold bullion.

External Exchange listings

In addition to the increased brand visibility, the external listings of Kinesis’ native currencies incentivise Emirex and Bitmart traders to join the Kinesis platform. As awareness of Kinesis grows on the Emirex exchange, we anticipate users transferring their assets to the Kinesis platform to access Kinesis yields, physical redemption and the global utility of the Kinesis Virtual Card.

Kinesis platform updates

In February, Kinesis migrated all cryptocurrencies and the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) on the Kinesis platform to a new market-leading custodial service – delivering significant security enhancements to ensure our users’ digital assets remain protected at all times.

Additionally, The Kinesis Payments functionality has been expanded, enabling system users to import up to 1000 payees’ details in the CSV format, streamlining the multi-send process for improved convenience and simplified transaction management on the platform. The significant expansion of the functionality makes it possible for larger businesses to operate their payroll in gold and silver.

Kinesis passes Q1 2023 Independent audit

The completion of Kinesis’ Q1 2023 independent precious metals audit in January 2023, once again confirmed that all Kinesis gold and silver in circulation are backed by an exact 1:1 allocation of gold and silver bullion. 

When it comes to the ownership of physically allocated precious metals, Kinesis understands the importance of maintaining a high level of transparency through frequent, independent auditing.

Kinesis website revamp

This quarter, the team has been implementing a new UX-focused design and content rebuild to the Kinesis website from the ground up, with the aim of honing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for everyone visiting our site.

With an unwavering dedication to optimising user experience, the revamped website will further streamline navigation through the Kinesis product offering and enhance the accessibility for all users, whether they are seasoned investors or just beginning their journey into financial independence.

Vaultside AMA with Kinesis CEO

In line with a continued commitment to transparency, Kinesis provided a recent live interview that covered the latest developments in Indonesia, the KVT yield launch, the Physical Mint and the establishment of the new Kinesis Bailee company. 

Development of national-level apps continues with the IPHI integration as the latest to be part of a growing list of integrations with the Kinesis system, including POSPAY GOLD, JFX GoldX and NU Gold. We are working closely with the government commodity regulator, Bappebti, to ensure that all operations comply with new regulations as well as necessary protocols for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) required by the government clearinghouse. 

Kinesis has established a new Bailee company, which is in the process of setting up accounts with the vaults. The strategic purpose of the Kinesis Bailee company is to simplify the safekeeping arrangement of bullion underlying KAU and KAG precious metals assets.

Looking ahead to Q2

KVT Yield Launch

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the KVT Yield on the 30th of April 2023, rewarding all Kinesis Velocity Token holders with their first payout from a proportional 20% share of all Kinesis’ global transaction fees. 

The initial yield payment, with a total value of $4.87 million at the time of writing, will be shared with all eligible KVT holders. Following the yield launch, KVT holders will continue to receive their fixed share in the growth of the Kinesis system – paid in gold and silver, each month.

As the largest allocation of Kinesis’ global transaction fee revenue, the KVT yield offers the community a unique income-generation opportunity, rewarding community users with a stake in Kinesis’ global expansion. 

KAU and KAG Listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko

At the beginning of the second quarter, we were proud to have been officially listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. As two of the largest cryptocurrency data aggregators in the world, this marks a significant milestone for Kinesis and a major step towards enhancing the visibility and accessibility of Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) currency assets.

We are currently in the final stages of listing the Kinesis Exchange on both platforms so that the volume of KAU and KAG can be accurately reflected.

Find Kinesis gold (KAU) and Kinesis silver (KAG) on Coinmarketcap. 

Find Kinesis gold (KAU) and Kinesis silver (KAG) on CoinGecko.

Kinesis Physical Card EU

The development of the much anticipated physical card program is well underway. The card is soon to be publicly released for the wider European market as a part of a multi-phase product, which includes the physical card alongside personal banking services.

Following the card release, Kinesis will continue enhancing and introducing new online banking and fiat-depositing functionalities to facilitate simple on and off-ramping onto the Kinesis platform.

Stay tuned for updates on our European card program.

Additional fiat on-ramps

Kinesis has made significant progress in expanding the range of fiat on-ramping options on the platform to better serve our community in depositing their funds, making utilising the benefits of gold and silver even easier.

We have been working to establish additional fiat deposit accounts with financial institutions across the US, Europe, the UK, LatAm, Asia and Africa, to provide a more accessible and convenient experience for Kinesis’ global user base.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Kinesis Pro

The development of Kinesis Pro, Kinesis’ professional cryptocurrency trading platform, is now in the advanced stages ahead of a prospective launch in Q2. 

Featuring high liquidity trading pairs, innovative trading tools and best-in-class security, the exchange will bring a professional cryptocurrency trading experience to Kinesis users.

The brand new, dedicated Kinesis Pro website will be launched featuring frequent cryptocurrency news coverage and market updates alongside bespoke educational content.

Kinesis Learn & Earn educational series

Integrated with the brand-new Kinesis mobile app, the Learn & Earn educational series will offer users engaging, bite-size lessons on precious metals, cryptocurrency and the history of money. As Kinesis mobile users swipe through the lessons – complete with videos, informational snippets and multiple choice questions – they will receive rewards in physical gold paid straight into their Kinesis accounts. 

With the inaugural course focused on the theme of Sound Money, Kinesis users will learn about inflation and traditional and alternative monetary systems, alongside discovering the benefits of diversifying with asset-backed currencies.

Moving forward, Kinesis will continue releasing new courses explaining the Kinesis Monetary System and its product suite in a straightforward and transparent way, before embarking on an exciting journey through the world of cryptocurrencies.

Kinesis Mint Website

Kinesis will soon be launching the all-new Kinesis Mint website, providing wholesale bullion buyers with a dedicated landing point where they can explore the range of services offered at the state-of-the-art mint and refinery.

The website will offer wholesalers, institutions and governments a place to gain insight into the end-to-end bullion manufacturing process at the Istanbul-based mint facility and access the expert craftsmanship of the in-house design team for the creation of custom bullion products.

The establishment of the physical Kinesis Mint facility is part of a strategic vision to vertically integrate Kinesis into the precious metals supply chain, and in doing so, cement the company’s position as the leader in the physical precious metals industry.


Expanding on the Kinesis offering, the multi-accounts feature will enable Kinesis Individual account holders to additionally register and verify as a Business. The introduction of multi-accounts will enable both small businesses and global enterprises to fully unlock the potential of the Kinesis Monetary System.

Notably, multi-accounts will allow investment fund managers to operate an unlimited number of sub-accounts on behalf of their clients, offering them access to the yield-bearing gold and silver of the Kinesis Monetary System. With most investment funds typically holding a portion of their funds in physical precious metals, the new feature opens up Kinesis to a multi-trillion dollar market.

By registering as a Business, system participants will be offered a variety of new features, allowing them to register as a merchant with Kinesis Pay or send bulk payments in gold and silver with the expanded multi-send feature already available on the platform.

Kinesis users will be able to easily switch between their Business and Individual account profiles and set the account of their choosing as a default.

Kinesis users receive an exclusive discount on NorthStarBadCharts trading analysis

The partnership is set to increase the visibility and reputation of Kinesis within the precious metals space and improve the trading experience of traders with an exclusive 50% discount on their Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions.

Taurus Exchange listing

Kinesis continuously works on expanding the global accessibility of Kinesis native gold and silver-backed digital currencies outside of the Kinesis ecosystem, through the listings of KAU and KAG on highly reputable, external cryptocurrency exchanges.

This quarter, Kinesis’ gold and silver-backed digital currencies will be added to yet another leading asset exchange, Taurus – further facilitating access to KAU and KAG within the global crypto market.

Apple Pay

The latest statistics indicate that the number of users expected to use Apple Pay is forecast to hit 48.7 million in 2023 enabling the Kinesis Virtual Card to tap into a previously unexplored market which currently serves over 500 million users worldwide.

In Summary

As we enter the second quarter of the year, we are just over a week away from a monumental day for the Kinesis Monetary System: the launch of the KVT Yield.

The last of the 5 Kinesis yields to be brought online, the KVT Yield launch completes the core offering of the Kinesis platform and is the culmination of years of hard work and effort from the team.

Delivering on our commitment to the community, it remains the focus of Kinesis to attract capital into the system and facilitate its efficient movement. To that end, the team have been establishing bank accounts worldwide, powering physical and virtual card programs and expanding into areas that target the digital asset market vertical.

In addition, we are accelerating listings of KAU and KAG on leading external cryptocurrency exchanges, and scaling up the offering for business account holders with Kinesis Pay – making gold and silver payments synonymous with ease and value across the globe.

Alongside these efforts, we are further establishing ourselves in the physical precious metals industry through the opening of the Kinesis Physical Mint website, tailored to wholesalers and institutions, and expanding our range of Kinesis official bullion available on the Bullion store.

With progress in our Indonesia-based partnerships well and truly coming to fruition and the Kinesis-powered white-labelled applications now ready for the commercialisation phase, the team is working diligently on a second public-private government-level partnership. We are now aligning the moving parts in preparation for this large-scale integration, with more details to be announced in due course. 

In the coming months, Kinesis will further expand the platform’s capabilities as part of an ongoing effort to bring new products and services online that leverage our unique infrastructure and technology.

Kinesis not only allows system users to connect their day-to-day spending with precious metals and cryptocurrency, but also provides them with an honest and rewarding alternative monetary system that promotes financial empowerment and protects their wealth.

As ever, we would like to thank the Kinesis community for its continued support and participation as we drive Kinesis forward as the leading precious metals-backed monetary system and make sound money accessible to users across the globe. 

We look forward to sharing our milestones with you as we head into the Spring of 2023. 

Best regards,

Thomas Coughlin