Posted 20th Februar 2024

Kinesis Multi-account feature now available

multi account feature live on kinesis

We are pleased to introduce the new Kinesis Multi-account feature, which allows users to access and manage their business accounts from a primary profile.

The Multi-account feature allows Kinesis users to create an unlimited number of new business accounts from their Individual account. Once a business account has been successfully created, users can easily switch between their personal and multiple business accounts. 

The new feature brings ease and simplicity to those users operating one or more business accounts on the Kinesis platform. 

For more information on the new Multi-account feature, visit our Support Centre here.

Integrate Kinesis into your business 

Now accessible for businesses of every size, Kinesis offers a range of business payment features in the stable value of physical gold.

For each business account, merchants can set up Kinesis Pay and start accepting gold and silver payments at their online and physical store locations. 

Kinesis Pay is a highly scalable feature that connects business owners with Kinesis’ bespoke payment rail built for accepting Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG). With Kinesis Pay, Kinesis users can purchase merchants’ products and services directly, using their gold and silver as money.

The Kinesis business offering also includes multi-send, which enables users to send gold and silver to up to 1,000 payees at once. Business owners can use multi-send as a payroll functionality, and pay their employees‘ income in precious metals, each month. 

Refer and earn on all business accounts

Each Kinesis account has its own unique referrer’s link, which users can send to anyone they wish to introduce to Kinesis, whether an individual or a business. The referrer is entitled to earn a Referrer’s Yield on all verified accounts that the referee creates via the Multi-account feature. 

If a referrer operates multiple business accounts they can also control which of them will receive the Referrer’s Yield. After making a successful referral, the account from which they made the referral will receive the yield, paid in gold and silver. 

Looking ahead

After the first phase of release, the Multi-account feature will be further developed to enable users to manage accounts on behalf of other users.

This opens Kinesis up to the multi-trillion-dollar wealth management market, by enabling wealth managers to manage their client accounts on the Kinesis platform. Broker-dealers and private wealth managers will have the ability to offer their clients access to precious metal and sound money investment, along with all other value and benefits provided by the full Kinesis Monetary System – a digital ecosystem that will continue expanding forever.

The new Multi-account feature gives everyone from small business owners to global enterprises streamlined access to all the benefits of Kinesis’ business account offering, and the expansive functionality of the Kinesis system. 

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