Posted 24th Februar 2023

Introducing Kinesis Pay

kinesis pay accept gold and silver payments

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Kinesis Pay, a new payment feature giving online merchants globally the opportunity to accept payments in gold and silver.

What is Kinesis Pay? 

When integrated with a merchant’s online store, this new, intuitive feature allows merchants everywhere to earn in gold and silver-based digital currencies, while broadening the range of payment options for their businesses. At the same time, Kinesis Pay allows customers to effortlessly make instant purchases with precious metals outside of the traditional fiat banking system.

How does it work for businesses?

Once users have set up a merchant profile, they simply need to download and install the Kinesis Pay plug-in onto their website and they can start accepting payments in gold and silver the very same day.

Upon installation, business owners have access to the all-new merchant dashboard, equipping them with all the tools to track, analyse and manage their payments received in Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG).

How does it work for customers? 

When a customer reaches the checkout at a participating online merchant, Kinesis Pay will be presented as an option alongside traditional payment methods. From here, existing Kinesis users can simply scan a unique QR code and securely pay in gold and silver via Kinesis. With no need to enter any card details or fiat currency conversion, customers can make an instant, direct payment in gold and silver to complete their purchase. 

Those customers who are not currently Kinesis users will be exposed to the possibility of gold and silver payments and encouraged to sign up – with Kinesis Pay serving as a potential onboarding mechanism. 

Operate your business in gold and silver

As Kinesis continues to expand its offering for business, it will cement its position as the industry leader in facilitating business operations in physical precious metals.