Posted 25th August 2022

Kinesis launches new multi-send feature

multi send kinesis payments

Kinesis launches the multi-send feature, enabling users to send multiple gold and silver payments at once, within the all-new Payments tab.

The new ‘multi-send’ feature enables Kinesis Monetary System participants to instantly send Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) to multiple recipients at once, both within and outside the Kinesis system.

With several exciting features introduced to the Kinesis platform, the all-new Payments tab enables Kinesis users to manage their personal or business transactions in gold and silver more efficiently. 

Send money to multiple recipients at once

The all-new muti-send feature allows Kinesis account holders to instantly send multiple payments to a number of recipients with one simple click. This advantageous Desktop functionality supports sending Kinesis gold and silver to up to 50 payees simultaneously.

Additionally, the unique design of the revamped payments infrastructure allows Kinesis account holders to input the amount of KAU or KAG they wish to send in any fiat currency available on the platform, saving both time and effort.

This means that users can set up a payment of KAU or KAG equalling the specified value in their chosen fiat currency, to a number of payees. The multi-send feature allows the sender to input the pre-specified amount in all 8 fiat currencies available on the platform, which Kinesis completes and settles in gold or silver on the user’s behalf.

For more information on the new feature, see our multi-send guide.

Earn as you refer new users to Kinesis

The multiple payments feature allows users to earn a monthly return in gold and silver, through our innovative revenue-sharing model. Sending KAU and KAG to new, prospective users – or even entire businesses – makes senders eligible for the Referrer’s Yield – rewarding them for successfully inviting new system participants to Kinesis.

Additionally, users who participate in the Referral Silver Rewards program can earn an ounce of silver, shared between the referrer and each new user that is successfully invited to Kinesis. 

What’s more, users can choose to send payments to multiple recipients outside of the Kinesis system using only their email address, which automatically qualifies the sender for the Referrer’s yield. The recipient just has to accept the funds by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button in the email and creating a Kinesis account.

The send-to-email functionality automatically enrols both the sender and the recipient into the Kinesis Silver Referral Rewards, rewarding users with free silver upon meeting the program’s conditions.

More exciting payment features to come

The release of the Payment tab is just the first step in facilitating the vast range of personal and business payment features.

Kinesis will continue to enhance its payment functionality so that both individuals and businesses can benefit from integration with the Kinesis system. The continuing improvements to the platform’s monetary infrastructure are set to enable both small and large-scale business entities to fully utilise the system’s offering while securing their wealth in precious metals.

With more people switching to gold and silver every single day, restoring their financial freedom, the Kinesis system grows stronger as a viable alternative to traditional banking.

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