Posted 6th April 2022

Kinesis Launches Silver Rewards & New Referral Hub

We are excited to announce the Kinesis Silver Rewards referral program. Kinesis users will share 1oz of Kinesis silver – 0.5 KAG each – with every new referral they welcome into the Kinesis system.

The new referral program incentivises users to invite their friends and family to Kinesis, and welcomes new system users with free silver (KAG) to start their Kinesis journey. To make matters even more exciting, the Kinesis community can invite as many friends – and earn as much silver – as they wish.

It’s important to remember that referrers also receive the Referrer’s yield: a 7.5% share of each fee taken on every single transaction their referrals make – for life. At the end of each month, the yield is paid into the referrer’s Kinesis Money account in gold and silver.

How do I receive my silver?

In order for both parties to receive their free ½ ounce of silver (KAG), the referee simply needs to follow 3 simple steps, as outlined below:

  1. Sign up to Kinesis using a unique referral link.
  2. Verify your identity.
  3. Trade a minimum of $3000 worth of fiat or digital assets, on the Exchange.

Once these steps are complete, both referrer and the friend they referred will be credited with ½ ounce of silver each. You can find more details about our new referral program in this article.

The all-new Referral Hub

Alongside the new Silver Rewards referral program, Kinesis is also proud to announce the all-new Referral Hub, now accessible on the Kinesis Money platform. The interactive hub introduces new features and improved design, making inviting friends and family to Kinesis easier than ever.

The Referral Hub includes the Referrer’s Leaderboard, which allows users to anonymously follow the activity of the system’s top-performing referrers. With the Referrer’s yield now paid out monthly, Kinesis users can also keep track of referral progress as well as their Referrer’s yield earned. With just a click, users can easily refer friends and family into the system via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Additionally, referrers can also onboard new system users by sending them gold, silver or crypto with the ‘send-to-email’ feature. In this instance, the referrer will still receive both the Referrer’s yield and their silver reward. 

Kinesis Money global adoption

Kinesis prides itself on offering one of the most attractive referral programs in the space. The addition of the new Silver Rewards referral program provides an even more attractive incentive to bring entire communities into a system underpinned by the enduring value of precious metals. 

The launch of the new Referral hub is set to encourage new system participants to join Kinesis, contributing to the system’s global adoption. Kinesis will continue to expand its product suite, establishing a borderless trading hub for digitalised physical precious metals and cryptocurrency across the world.

Start referring today.