Posted 30th September 2021

Kinesis introduces 'Send-to-Email' payment functionality

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We are pleased to introduce the ‘send-to-email’ payment feature, which enables Kinesis users to send digital assets to current and prospective users, with only the email address of the recipient required. 

Importantly, through the ‘send-to-email’ feature, the existing system participants will be able to invite new, potential users onto the Kinesis platform, automatically qualifying the sender to receive the Referrer’s Yield.

Among its many benefits, the new functionality opens up the door for Kinesis users to pay non-users for their services in gold and silver. For those who wish to send funds via email to existing account holders, the new payment preference provides the advantage of selecting your recipient without requesting their wallet address. 

Which Crypto Coins Can be Sent by Email?

Kinesis account holders can transfer any crypto currently held in their account via the ‘send-to-email‘ process, including:

 Kinesis gold (KAU) Kinesis silver (KAG) Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Tether (USDT) Dash (DASH)
Digital currencies that can be sent via email through the Kinesis Money platform.

As Kinesis continues to expand its crypto pairs available, all additions to the platform will also be compatible with this functionality. 

What are the Benefits of the Send-to-Email Feature? 

What are the Benefits of the Send-to-Email Feature? 

The ‘send-to-email’ function provides an opportunity to easily invite friends, family and people you know into the Kinesis Monetary System, enabling the referrer to receive a share of every fee taken on every single transaction made – for life.

All the sender needs to do to qualify is ensure the recipient has created an account and verified their email address. Remember, the Referrer’s Yield entitles a user to a 7.5% share of every single one of their referee’s Kinesis transaction fees.

How Do I Send Crypto via Email?

Both desktop and mobile users who wish to send funds via email can simply follow the usual flow to send digital assets, only choosing the ‘Email’ option when selecting a recipient. The widget provides the opportunity to include a short message in the email to personalise the message or inform the recipient of the reason for payment. 

How Do Non-users Receive Funds Via Email?

When a Kinesis account holder is sending crypto to a potential Kinesis user, the recipient will be sent an email with instructions prompting them on how to receive their funds. The recipient of the email will then need to sign up for a Kinesis account and verify their email address, in order to accept their payment. This will ensure that only the person linked to the respective email address will receive funds that are being delivered to them. If the recipient does not accept funds within a 48-hour window, the transaction will expire and funds will be returned to the sender. 

How Do Kinesis Money Users Receive Funds Via Email?

When a Kinesis user is receiving crypto from another user via email, the funds will automatically be deposited into the recipient’s account.

The new payment feature is an effective onboarding mechanism, reducing barriers to entry for new users. ‘Send-to-email’ functionality will serve as a powerful catalyst for the adoption of the Kinesis Monetary System, ahead of the release of the Referrer’s yield and the powerful, new referral dashboard, later this year.