Posted 23rd März 2021

Watch WallStreetSilver Interview with Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin.

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The Kinesis CEO answers the most common questions asked by the WallStreetSilver Reddit Community.

Is there is any other way to go, but gold and silver backed currency? Watch the interview to learn how Kinesis’ vision aligns with WallStreetSilver’s mission:

What is the KAG and KAU connection to the physical silver and gold?

Inspired by the evolution of blockchain technology and the decentralised ledger system, Thomas has no doubt that “it is a natural progression to monetise silver and gold as well”.

Thomas further explains that “Kinesis KAU & KAG are not cryptocurrencies. Instead, Kinesis uses blockchain as a decentralised registry for the allocated precious metal, bringing a digital level of quality assurance and enabling high liquidity, by facilitating transfers peer-to-peer”.

How can I be certain that my physical silver is securely stored in the Kinesis vaults?

Thomas Coughlin’s parting thought:

Kinesis took the greatest store of value and married it up against a highly efficient new age technology, to facilitate an effective medium of exchange, adding the yield component to supercharge the monetary system.

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