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The new way to invest in gold and silver

Earn monthly yields

Kinesis shares its revenue to pay you gold and silver, each month.

0% storage fees

All storage costs are covered through the global vaulting network of strategic partner, ABX.

Secure ownership

Your metals are held in secure, insured and independently audited vaults around the world.

Revolutionising wealth protection


Choose gold and silver as money


Professional bullion market pricing


Instant physical bullion trading

Refer friends and earn gold & silver

Introduce your friends to Kinesis and earn a share of their fees whenever they spend, send and trade.

Secure & audited physical bullion

All gold and silver is independently audited and securely held, in your name, in our global vaulting network.

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Redeem any time

Take delivery of your gold and silver bars, any time, any place.

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