Posted 16th septiembre 2022

Silver Slides Again But Latest Dip Could Spark Value-Seeking Buying Interest

silver kinesis bar bullion

Silver’s steady climb back up towards $20 an ounce has performed a volte-face as inflation data out this week showed that consumer prices are continuing to rise at an uncomfortably fast pace, increasing the likelihood of significant rate hikes by central banks across the world, in particular, the Federal Reserve when it announces its latest move next week.

Silver’s recent declines have pushed the price back below $19 an ounce but unlike its golden peer, silver remains significantly above its low for the year. 

Silver finds itself in a strange place where the slew of aggressive rate hikes by the Fed has caused its price to plunge to levels last seen in 2020 before two tentative recoveries have seen it try and climb back to around $20 an ounce before falling again.

Clearly, hawkish central banks are negative for a non-yield bearing asset like silver but with the price already having been hit so hard, there is little downside space for further declines. As such, the latest dip may encourage buying interest from traders and investors who continue to see silver’s more positive medium to long-term outlook with the metal in high demand from the solar and battery industries.

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