Business payments

Global money for global payments

Open up your business to gold and silver payments

Using Kinesis Pay, customers make fast, secure payments with QR codes.

Accept gold as money

Kinesis Pay enables your customers to pay instantly with gold and silver, instore or online.

Fast, simple integration

Our easy-to-use web plug-in connects your business with gold and silver payments.

Access new revenue streams

Receive a monthly yield on all gold and silver holdings and card payments.

Revolutionising business payments

Kinesis Pay

Run your business on gold & silver


Create a bespoke app for your users


Instantly pay your global staff in gold

Business Account

Utilise powerful business tools

Everything you need to run your business with gold and silver

Secure & audited gold bullion

All gold and silver is independently audited and securely held, in your name, in our global vaulting network.

Secure & scalable payments

Kinesis supports businesses of all sizes looking to opt out of fiat and into a more stable and rewarding way of operating company finances.

Non-intrusive verification
Quick, easy onboarding 
Free business account
PCI DSS-certified
Multiple fiat onramps

Earn every time your friend makes a payment

Introduce your friends to Kinesis and earn a share of their fees whenever they spend, send and trade.

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Protect your business with gold and silver