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Kinesis pays you for saving and spending in gold and silver – keeping your money safe from inflation.

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Inflation is sky-high
What does $2,000 of cash buy me?

US Dollar

Compact car
Micro car
Road bike
Foldable bike

As more and more money is printed and inflation keeps going up and up – the less you can buy with your cash, and the less your savings are worth every single day.

inflation chart us cpi july 2023
source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
August 2023
Save & pay with gold
What does 1.7kg of gold buy me?
1.7kg Gold

worth $2000

Compact car
Fastback coupe
Family car
Muscle car
Sports car

Unlike dollars, gold can’t just be printed – so, saving and spending in gold protects your pockets from inflation. Plus, the gold price has steadily gone up, over time.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
May 2022

Did you know? In 2020 the US printed over $3.38 trillion – almost 1 in 5 dollars in existence were created in a single year.

We pay you for saving & spending gold

Gold savings with a yield

Protect and grow your savings in gold. Earn gold and silver every month, at no cost to you at all.

Spend & earn gold

Every time you spend gold with your Kinesis card – you earn gold at the end of the month. Same for silver.

*With Kinesis between October 2020 – October 2021. Returns will fluctuate based on transaction volume. Please note that past returns are not indicative of future returns.

It’s all yours

You legally own fully allocated gold and silver bars stored in our world-class vaults. In just a few clicks, you can get your precious metals delivered straight to your door.

All bullion meets ABX Good Delivery List.

Our partners

Our strategic partner, ABX, has been looking after precious metals – and building industry relationships – for over 10 years.

How does inflation affect me?

Inflation is the continued decrease of a currency’s purchasing power over time. Simply put, as time progresses, you get less and less for your money, prices of goods go up and the overall cost of living increases.

Over the past few years, unrestricted money printing and currency devaluation has become a global problem, with many economists suggesting that there is no end in sight to the financial impact this places on the population. The annual inflation rate increased to 8.6% in the US and 9.1% in the UK in June 2022 hitting a 40-year high, while the inflation rate in the Eurozone grew to 8.6%.

How does Kinesis help solve inflation?

Historically, precious metals have been proven to be exceptionally stable and appreciating over time, hedging against the negative effects of currency devaluation, with physical gold seeing almost a 900% increase in value since 2000.

Kinesis combats inflation by facilitating the use of physical gold and silver as money, in the convenient form of an easily spendable, universal currency.

Kinesis also pays its users a passive, monthly yield return on all gold and silver they store within the system – simply for keeping their assets with Kinesis. – creating a sustainable, ethical and fair monetary system that helps people globally protect their wealth.

You can find out more about Kinesis’ innovative yield system here.

What is the Kinesis Monetary System?

Kinesis places control back into the users’ hands by reintroducing gold and silver as universal currencies (KAU and KAG) that can be easily sent, transacted or spent with a card at any given moment.

Kinesis is a multi-purpose, money-management platform with an intuitional, easy-to-use interface that allows people globally to connect with the enduring value of precious metals in their day-to-day banking and investment life.

Kinesis enables users globally to spend, store and transact their fiat, crypto and fully allocated physical gold and silver – securely vaulted without charge – while earning them a monthly return, through the Kinesis’ innovative yield system.

What are Kinesis KAU and KAG?

Kinesis’ gold and silver-backed tokens, KAU and KAG, have been created to facilitate the use of physical precious metals as money – meaning everyday people can save, transact or spend gold and silver instantly, anywhere in the world.

By combining the timeless value of physical gold and silver with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Kinesis has created a universal form of money that is capable of resisting the corroding effects of inflation or traditional currencies.

What are Kinesis Yields?

By giving back over half of all transaction fee revenue to system users, Kinesis has transformed physical gold and silver into yield-bearing assets.

There are five types of yields,  paid monthly in physical gold and silver, designed to reward the platform users for their activity within the system – such as saving, trading and spending with a Kinesis card or inviting new participants to join the platform.

This in turn incentivises the activity on the Kinesis platform, creating a sustainable, ethical and fair monetary system that empowers the people that use it.

Holder’s Yield

The Holder’s Yield is a passive, risk-free yield on physical gold and silver bullion designed to reward users for saving their money with Kinesis.

To begin earning the Holder’s Yield, all you need to do is simply hold any amount of Kinesis KAU or KAG in your Kinesis account or any wallet linked to it.

You can learn more on our dedicated Holder’s Yield page.

Velocity Yield

The Velocity Yield rewards system participants for using gold and silver as money – by returning a proportionate share of transaction fees back to the users.

To begin earning the Velocity Yield, all you need to do is to start spending and trading precious metals.

You can learn more on our dedicated Velocity Yield page.

How does the Kinesis Virtual Card work?  

Whenever you use your card online or at the store, Kinesis instantly converts the value of your purchase from local fiat into gold, silver or crypto and automatically withdraws the calculated amount from your Kinesis account to cover the transaction.

You can learn more about all functionalities of the Kinesis Virtual Card in our knowledge base.

In which countries is the Kinesis Virtual Card available?

Kinesis keeps continuously expanding the list of countries where the Kinesis card is supported. Currently, you can apply for your Kinesis Virtual Card if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom, Eurozone, Canada, Australia and Oceania or Latin America. For a full list of countries in which the kinesis card is supported, click here.

The card is not currently live in the US, however, we are continuing to expand the reach of the program globally with the US card launch coming soon.

The Kinesis Virtual Card can be used globally, at any point of sale in over 80 million locations across 200+ countries and territories, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Can I get a Kinesis Virtual Card in the US?

No, at present the Kinesis Virtual Card is not currently available in the US. However, the US card program will be launching shortly. Built for the needs of our North American users, the US card will enable instant point-of-sale transactions in gold, silver and cryptocurrency.

How do I apply for a Kinesis card?

The Kinesis Virtual Card comes as a part of the Kinesis Individual account offering. All you need to do is simply click the confirmation button and then follow up with a short cardholder verification process.

You can also apply for your Kinesis Virtual Card using the widget located in the Virtual Card section of your Kinesis account.

Why should I trust Kinesis?

Kinesis’ strategic partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), is a leading institutional exchange with an outstanding reputation in the precious metals space. With an extensive vaulting network and over 10 years of precious metals trading experience, ABX enables Kinesis to provide more transparent custody of all gold and silver bullion holdings.

Kinesis guarantees the highest-grade security of your precious metals through world-renowned vaulting partners, including Brinks, Loomis and Malca-Amit.

For a detailed breakdown of Kinesis gold and silver holdings, see our Trust and Security page – here.

Visit our Trustpilot page to see what our users think of Kinesis – here.

How is Kinesis able to offer free storage on fully allocated gold and silver?

We are able to offer Kinesis users chargeless storage on their precious metals holdings by utilising the robust vaulting network of ABX. To provide and maintain our world-class vaulting ecosystem, a share of Kinesis’ global transaction fee revenue is allocated towards covering their upkeep and other associated costs.

How do I know my gold and silver are in the vaults?

All the physical gold and silver bullion that underpins our KAU and KAG tokens are subject to twice-yearly, independent audits conducted by Bureau Veritas, a world-class audit and inspection specialist.

These audits ensure that the quantity of gold and silver held in our vaults is checked against the record of all KAU and KAG in circulation. They also verify that every KAU and KAG token within the Kinesis monetary system is based on an exact 1:1 allocated quantity of gold and silver bullion.

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