Posted 27th julio 2023

Kinesis to produce physical gold bills in partnership with Valaurum

Kinesis has established a global collaborative partnership with Valaurum, the manufacturer of the patented Aurum® gold bill, to produce a series of Kinesis gold bills containing small, practical amounts of physical gold for investment and global spending.

The launch of Kinesis Aurum® gold bills is set to provide the Kinesis community — as well as gold investors, collectors and enthusiasts across the globe — with a new way to spend and store physical gold.

What are Kinesis Aurum® bills?

Outside of the digital solution of Kinesis, the weight and indivisibility of gold has made the metal impractical as everyday money. Through encasing smaller denominations of gold within bills, Kinesis Aurum® is reintroducing physical gold as a circulating currency.

As with other physical gold bullion products and Kinesis gold (KAU), Kinesis Aurum® can be vaulted, minted, and redeemed through the Kinesis platform. Additionally, the bills will be fully accepted for deposit and minting in exchange for whole or fractional amounts of Kinesis gold (KAU) – driving further utility and real-world adoption of Kinesis’ flagship gold asset.

As Kinesis Aurum® flow in and out of the Kinesis Monetary System, the bills are set to increase volume and serve as another driver stimulating yields for Kinesis users.

The partnership is set to revolutionise asset-backed digital currency by fully integrating Kinesis gold (KAU) with its physical embodiment in the form of Aurum® gold bills, and reaffirm Kinesis’ position at the forefront of precious metals spending.

Kinesis Aurum® brings traditional utility to physical gold, while seamlessly integrating with the digital utility of the Kinesis Monetary System. As Kinesis drives forward, our partnership with Valaurum advances our mission to reintroduce physical gold and silver as money to the global community.