Posted 9th enero 2023

Silver Price News: Silver’s Sideways Start to 2023 Represents Buying Opportunity

silver price line graph bullion

Silver continues to trade in the mid to high $23 an ounce region with the price going through a period of sideways movement while investors assess how bullish to be on this in-demand metal.

The strong fundamental case for silver is clear for all to see with the metal needed in both the energy transition and the tech revolution. However, silver isn’t driven solely by its supply and demand fundamentals, as shown by last year’s price plunge after the Federal Reserve started to implement a series of interest rate hikes.

It is interesting to note that while gold has made a series of significant gains already this year, silver is largely treading water even though the fundamental case for silver is far stronger. The lifting of restrictions in China, the prospect of the Fed soon ending its rate hikes as well as a weakening of the US dollar are all supportive factors for silver, as are gold’s gains given the correlation between the two precious metals. 

Yet after a stellar run from mid-October through to the end of 2022, investors seem reluctant so far to keep backing silver so strongly. The price remains more than $2 an ounce off its 2022 high with a fundamental case that is stronger than when it achieved those levels in March, so this consolidation period represents a potential buying opportunity, particularly considering the gold/silver ratio has now pushed up to close to 80.

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