Posted 21st diciembre 2022

Silver Price News: Silver Approaches 8-Month High With Bullish Momentum

silver bar bullion kinesis

Silver continues to march ever higher with the price briefly climbing above $24 an ounce to reach its highest level for eight months. 

While the World Cup may be over, the football cliche of “it’s a game of two halves” certainly seems apt to describe silver’s year, or perhaps more accurately a year of four quarters.

After a buoyant start to the year in which silver climbed above $26 an ounce, the second and third quarters saw the metal endure a sustained slump before reaching its low at the start of September. From here, silver has staged a remarkable recovery as finally the strong fundamental case in which the metal is in hot demand across a range of sectors managed to be heard.

As such, this turnaround now looks to position silver on course for making a gain over the course of this year, something remarkable both for where it was trading as recently as September as well as considering the overall dreadful performance of stock markets in 2022.

Now that silver’s bullish outlook is dominant and comfortably outweighs the bearish factor of central banks still raising interest rates, there seems no reason why silver can’t continue its upward trajectory in 2023 – with the March high the obvious first target.

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