Zubair Bukhari

Marketing Operations Executive

As the first member to join the London PR and Content team in 2018, Zubair harnesses a measured focus on the production, development, and strategic deployment of marketing content. Responsible for the outreach of company press releases, and product announcements, he has developed a number of long-lasting relationships with leading outlets in the crypto, FinTech and precious metals space.   A driving force in the overhaul of the company’s website content throughout the years, Zubair has optimised content in line with SEO keyword and ranking objectives, contributing to Kinesis’ successful rebranding and introduction of its new, current site.   With a strong interest in cryptocurrency, Zubair is a strong advocate for the global adoption of blockchain technology aiding everyday banking, in addition to being an avid crypto trader himself. His maintained global awareness of cryptocurrency innovations and updates, Blockchain technology, ICOs and IEOs, positions him as an authoritative voice in the FinTech space.